Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, we got to see flames again today.

This time it was in Seradaville as an old-timer decided today was the day to have a major weiner roast.

I stopped and talked to him, and if his story is 100% true, he was having a controlled burn when the wind picked up and some sparks got a hold of a really old, abandoned house on his property.  Fire crews arrived on the scene 2km west of the Gallagher Centre, but the man told them to simply let the structure go.

When I got there, there wasn't a police cruiser or fire truck in be true.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Photo Credit:  Kelsey Jones (the official photographer)
One day and one block over from the fire outside Source Embroidery, Heiser's Health And Fitness went up in flames tonight.

What are the chances the Yorkton Fire Department responds to a couple of fires across the street from their new home one day apart?

The Heiser fire is much, much more serious than the one that resulted in a ruined van yesterday (Wednesday).

I have been a member at Benno's/Heiser's for the last eight years.  From what I could tell, one firefighter was concentrating his efforts in one particular window that leads directly into the women's gym area, just outside of the female change room.

The biggest part of the fire shooting out of the roof appeared to be in the area of Chancey Heiser's office or possibly in the area where the heated sauna rooms are located.  The flames were also large enough to be shooting out of the area previously used as a daycare and also more recently was used as a stretching area.  I believe that portion of the building was being converted into a dwelling home.

I was on my way back into Yorkton from Canora, so I stopped and watched the 'action' for about 20 minutes or so.  You have to wonder if the roof may cave in at some point.  Pumphouse and Shear Bliss are also in the building as well as Wax Pot Esthetics.  All three of those businesses are certainly going to be in search of new homes.

Heiser's has been closed since the July 1st flood.  There were various reports of damage and the Yorkton rumor mill being what it is, it's difficult to know what to believe.  This much I know from when Benno Looft owned the gym:  the roof was a problem on several occasions when it came to leaking and the basement (men's change area) was flooded a number of times after a heavy rain.  More than one person said all three floors of the gym suffered extensive water damage from July 1, but I admit to having personally seen none of it.  Heiser's Facebook page had a post from Chancey saying the damage was more than expected and the business was going to be closed longer than expected.  He was/is searching for a temporary home and all members are going to be getting a free month after fees were taken out for July even though the place was closed.  In fact, it appears as though all members will be getting free memberships while Heiser's are at the temporary location.

Here's the wall post from July 18th:

Well Everybody, The Estimater was in on friday, The damage was more than
we expected, Looks like were going to be closed longer than we thought,
So looking for a temporary spot for now while we renovate to keep you
all happy well yes we realize that fees were taken out for july
we appollogize.. with the first being a holiday everything was processed
before then ..but dont worry ...EVERYONE will receive a Free month when
we reopen ....and no other fees will come out till then....Thank you
for your Patience

Here's the wall post from July 27th:

Everybody will be getting a free month when we reopen.. also we are looking for a temporary loacation and will be offering FREE memberships while we are there...

STACKHOUSE SOAPBOX (for Yorkton This Week)

I’ll begin this week by letting you in a little bit on my recent vacation.  You see, our family has sure taken advantage of this camper.  I’m not sure how many different spots we’ve been to, but this past weekend we were at Rainbow Beach just outside Dauphin, Manitoba.  It’s an underrated spot.  The individual camping sites are big (which is a bonus for us rookie back-up the camper people), there is a generous supply of firewood (at no cost as compared to Clear Lake’s $8 per conservative bundle), the beach is sandy, and the water is very nice.  There is a good mix of seasonal people, folks with kids, retired couples, etc.  I wouldn’t say it caters to one particular age group, but the playground in the middle of numerous sites is excellent for those of us with young children, as we can watch them without actually going with them.

The only downfall came on Friday night, our first evening at the site.  The first thing we usually do when we pull up is fog for mosquitoes as it makes life setting up a little more enjoyable.  Within minutes, the park police showed up and two gentlemen quickly jumped out of the vehicle.  Ordinarily, I break a law and I know right away what the question is, but this time I was genuinely clueless.  The man says, “We have a complaint that you fogged for mosquitoes.”  I answered, “Yes.”  He continues, “It’s illegal to fog for mosquitoes in Manitoba Provincial Parks, so I will have to request you not do it again although I don’t blame you.  I would like to fog myself.”  Immediately, I remember Jenn fogging and a grumpy old timer in the campsite next door shooting over a weird glare.  Therefore, it was no mystery as to where the complaint came from.  Oh well.  I thought to myself, hmmm I guess we’d rather die by West Nile than from malathion.  I guess it’s a choice that individual is allowed to make.  But, then by the third night of camping it hits me again.  The folks next door have spent exactly 0 minutes outside their camper the entire weekend.  I suppose….because the mosquitoes are so bad.  Full credit goes to the conservation officer/park attendant (not sure of his official title) for doing his job, and at the same time not being bullish about it.

We went fishing, and I really feel for Jenn’s (my wife) dad.  He’s the only fishermen on the boat, and the only person who doesn’t get to really hold the rod.  He has to do all the ‘not so fun stuff’ like baiting, unhooking the fish, gutting it, etc.  Anyway, Matthew (our nine year old) caught 4 pickerel.  Two were keepers, one was too small, and another got off the hook just as we were about to put him in the net.  The rest of us caught 0.  Nice work.

A person I respect a great deal said to me recently when it comes to camping, “Why do you work so hard for 50 weeks in the year just so you can pretend to be homeless for the other 2?”

I encourage readers to send me emails to mikestackhouse@   and I really appreciate kind words.  In fact, I sometimes email myself kind words just to keep the spirit up!  In all seriousness, I got one from an individual that took issue (rightfully so) to my insinuation that Regina police were busy fighting ‘real’ crime and didn’t have the time to issue tickets for texting or cell phone use while driving.  The emailer pointed out a situation at a crosswalk on Broadway near Mohawk and SIGN in which she narrowly avoided a tragedy as she and her young family attempted to go from one side of the street to the other and the reason for this near mishap was a clueless driver on a cellphone.  The last thing I wish to hear is a driver causing a horrible accident while using a phone.  I guess it probably is up there with drunk driving, which I have zero tolerance for.  My point was that more and more we are finding ourselves getting legislated to death, but when someone emails me a near brush with death I guess I’m left throwing my hands up and saying as a society we need these laws because we just aren’t responsible enough to get by without them, and that’s a sad commentary on our society. 

Further to the person’s email, I am going to assume this absent minded driver may have caused the same near mishap even if a cellphone wasn’t involved.  I’m sure anyone reading this article can relate to the crosswalks on Broadway (the one mentioned above and the other near McDonald’s and the library) and having a situation where they’ve almost hit a pedestrian, been a pedestrian who was almost hit, or watched a pedestrian get almost hit.  Unfortunately, I can recollect tragedies that were more than ‘almost’ at the crosswalk near McDonald’s/library.  As drivers, we need to be way more alert.  Please keep that in mind.

If using a cellphone/texting warrants a traffic ticket, I’m wondering if eating fast food should be considered in the same boat.  What about drinking coffee?  That is hazardous because if one spilled piping hot coffee on one’s lap, something terribly unpredictable could happen to the vehicle.

Nice person mentions this week:  Dave Bucsis, John Kirzinger, Alison Landry, and Sylvia Henheffer.


For the first time I can recall, I saw a stadium show twice on the same tour as I got to see Kid Rock/Bon Jovi in Winnipeg about ten days ago and also last night in Regina.

It was interesting to say the least as I got to compare the two shows and make a determination as to what I liked better.  I would say Kid Rock was better in Regina and Bon Jovi was better in Winnipeg.

Kid Rock was less vulgar and seemed to take his performance a little more seriously.  I also failed to report from the Winnipeg show that the man is extremely talented.  Anyone that can sing a diverse library like he can, definitely is gifted.  He also, at the drop of one hat to another, can play guitar, drums, mix a record, etc.  I'm still not a fan, but I have a bit more respect.

Jon Bon Jovi appeared humble in Winnipeg.  I got the impression he really appreciated his crowd.  In Regina, he looked a bit more confident, even a little cocky at times.  At one point he said, "You don't pay me to talk, you pay me to sing and shake my ass."  Well, it's not what I paid him to do, but it still generated a rousing response from the crowd (which I have to give Winnipeg the edge on noise).  This is not meant as a slight, just an observation. 

I really liked how the set list changed from Winnipeg.  Personally, I liked Winnipeg's better; but they played 'In These Arms' last night and it was the first time I've heard them do that song live (I've seen them 5 times now).  Casualties from Winnipeg to Regina included 'Bed Of Roses', 'Have A Nice Day', 'Shout', and 'Runaway'.  They threw in a couple of new songs, including 'You Want To Make A Memory' last night.  The Winnipeg show was heavier.

Like Winnipeg, they did three encore songs; but the big edge to Regina here in that they performed a brand new song called 'Our House' and they filmed the video for it last night.  In fact, the song was so new, they did it twice (back to back) just to make sure it was done in a manner that made the band happy with the performance.  I don't think I've ever seen an act do that before.  He also offered up the song to the Roughriders to use as their theme song, which was a popular statement.

Just before Jon left the stage, he put on a Roughrider ball cap, which (as you can imagine) drew the loudest applause of the night.

Overall, I liked the Winnipeg show better; but if I hadn't been to that one I would have no complaints about this one.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Photo Credit:  Kelsey Jones
When you are on a roll, you are on a roll.

Source Embroidery was hit pretty hard by the July 1 flood and got hit again today when the FirstOnSite van blew up and caught fire outside the store while it was being used to clean up the basement.

Fields and the Post Office are closed due to some minor smoke damage and a potentially serious situation was avoided thanks to the quick work of the fire crews.  The flames were high enough that it was coming up underneath the awning of the building.

FirstOnSite needs to be commended big time as we've been nothing short of impressed with their work, both as far as ethic and quality is concerned.  They tore apart the basement to begin the reconstruction midweek and had everything done by Saturday.

The process now is a thorough disinfectant so that we can begin getting the basement put back together.  Again, full credit to FirstOnSite as the British Columbia company had another specialty van here in front of the store within minutes of the burnt vehicle getting towed away.  Wow.  The crew, while shaken, is unwavered and have gone back to work.

I have a message for a really rude lady who offered some of Saskatchewan's worst hospitality to the FirstOnSite worker who is manning the van outside:  Mind your own P's and Q's.  A snobby woman walked up to the worker and asked what was going on.  After an explanation was given, the worker was, pretty much, told to scram because Saskatchewan companies are the ones that should be getting all the work and not ones from outside the province.  Well, lady.....if it weren't for the excellent work of people like FirstOnSite, Yorkton would be in far worse shape than it is.  The last thing we need is some cowboy from WhoKnowsWhere, Saskatchewan deciding he's going to open up a disaster restoration business and do sloppy work and take everyone's money.  The reality is that Restorex can only do so much and they are quite busy already.  I don't think anyone credible in Saskatchewan is missing out on anything.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Rob Vanstone wrote a very good column today about the Saskatchewan Roughriders that's well worth the read, if you haven't already seen it.

In it, there is mention that various members of the Riders have pointed out Calgary's 40-20 whipping of the Riders is merely one game and there should be no cause for concern.  This is exactly the kind of speak that could derail the Riders from one of the best seasons in franchise history.

The bottom line is that this club is the best in the CFL and their worst enemy will be their own ego.  They escaped the Edmonton game with a sub-standard performance and that set up the predictable beating they received from Calgary.

If they continue to have this somewhat arrogant attitude of 'We will be okay, we are great and things will be fixed next week against a bad Hamilton team' then they are going to get a rude awakening on Saturday.

It's the job of the coaching staff to fix the mindset of the players.

Furthermore, the special teams continue to be awful.  The fact that the return game lacks a dynamic game changer is even more disturbing when you see what Marcus Thigpen is doing with the Tiger Cats.  I don't think it's so bad to miss out on a good player, but when you cut someone who can help you in an area where you are so terribly anemic...................well, you finish the thought.


Yup, the Cincinnati Bengals, who completely ignore character traits when it comes to their roster, have signed WR Terrell Owens to a one year $2-million contract.

Owens joins the likes of Chad Johnson (now Ochocinco), Pacman Jones, and Cedric Benson.  Ochocinco and Owens are cut from the same cloth as far as flamboyance is concerned; but it should be noted neither player is a threat to get into legal trouble.

Benson and Pacman are quite a different story.  Pacman has been arrested for, among other things, assault, felony vandalism, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, obstruction of justice, marijuana possession, and has been linked to shootings.  Actually, if you Google Pacman Jones and read up on his various charges it's actually quite amusing.

Benson has had a number of legal troubles as well, the most recent being an incident this offseason in which it's alleged he punched a bartender in the face.

Since 2000, the Cincinnati Bengals lead the NFL in arrests.

I hate to admit it, but this is my favorite team.


Looks like I'm going to take in the Bon Jovi concert in Regina tomorrow.  It will be the first time I've seen a live act twice on the same tour.  It will be interesting to compare the Winnipeg show to the Regina one.

The only other band I saw more than once really close together was Haywire (back to back shows in Fredericton in 1993 or 1994).  They were much better than you'd think!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yorkton continues to make the news.....and not for good reasons.

What's more amazing is reading some of the reader comments and how many people agree with ridiculous statements.

CBC News - Saskatchewan - Yorkton flood-damaged items draw thieves

Sunday, July 18, 2010


--Before the concert we ate at a restaurant called Original Joe's.  It's on the corner of Kenaston and Grant (I think).  It was excellent.

--There is a street in Winnipeg called Saskatchewan Drive (or Avenue) and it is going to be closed for three years.  THREE YEARS! while they do road construction.

--I don't think I have ever gone to or left Winnipeg and NOT seen a police cruiser in Headingley with someone pulled over.

--There is, apparently, some controversy in Winnipeg over a new stadium for the Blue Bombers.  Some home owners have complained they don't want it at the current location (near University of Manitoba) because they suspect fans will be urinating excessively in their yards as they leave the game.  I drove by the site and I don't think there is a home within 2 miles of where that new football field is going to be erected (no pun intended).

--Pays to be a Costco member if you live in Winnipeg.  You save 7-cents a litre on gas.

--If you need good security for your next event, get a hold of whoever that was at the Bon Jovi concert.  They cleared those aisles in record time and didn't put up with any socializing.  Also, during the encore, one lady security officer just about climbed over top of me to prevent a guy from taking a photo.  Apparently cameras aren't allowed?  Tell that to the thousands that have already posted shots on Facebook!

--Manitoba highways don't have paved shoulders?

--Don't stop at the Co-op in Gladstone as you may get a female employee who, clearly, doesn't like her job.  She wasted no time telling my wife and I that she was working the closing shift for the 15th night in a row, doesn't have a day off until Tuesday, blah, blah, blah.

--Neepawa has expanded since the last time I was through.  Kudos to the retail development.


The Bon Jovi review has me thinking what my favorite bands to see live are.......this isn't a set-in-stone list, but the ones I immediately think of:

Bon Jovi (and, they aren't my favorite band)
Cavo (opened for Daughtry in May in Regina and it was the best part of the show)
Lifehouse (played after Cavo on that same night and it was the second best part of the show)
Hedley (the immature version that opened for Simple Plan and Default a number of years ago)
Great White (the 80s version that opened for Alice Cooper on the Trash tour)
Queensryche (The 80s versio that opened for Metallica on the Justice tour)
Motley Crue (A few years ago, whatever tour that was with the midget that got detained at the border)

Cheap Trick (they opened for Aerosmith a few years ago and they are definitely finished)
Def Leppard (I have seen them 4-5 times and they have been pretty good each time, except the last.  Joe Elliott is about done)
Daughtry (I was expecting more, but maybe they were just out-performed by Cavo and Lifehouse)
All of the bands that opened for Hedley in Regina earlier this year


I spent the weekend in Winnipeg for the Bon Jovi/Kid Rock concert and of the four times I have seen Bon Jovi perform, this was the best.

They are all in the late 40's now, but I think they have, at least, 10 years left in them.  They rocked like it was the early 1990s and the thing that maybe impressed me the most was that you could easily tell the band was really enjoying the crowd.

The last couple of times I have seen them play, Jon has allowed Richie to take lead vocals on one song.  In Saskatoon a couple of years ago it was 'These Days' and last night, Richie took lead on 'Lay Your Hands On Me'.  It was very well done, and I remarked to my wife that when Richie Sambora decides he's going to retire, Jon would be wise to quit too!

Overall, the band played for close to 2 1/2 hours as it was near midnight local time when people started filing out.  They played three encores ('Wanted Dead Or Alive', 'This Town', and 'Living On A Prayer).

You know you've seen a good show when you've enjoyed 2 1/2 solid hours of music and then can rattle off another 6-7 quality songs they could've played, but didn't.  Immediately coming to mind that didn't make the set list:  'Something For The Pain', 'In & Out Of Love', 'Tokyo Road', 'In These Arms', 'This Ain't A Love Song', 'Undivided', 'Everyday', and 'Living In Sin'.  I think at some point, I have heard the band do all of those  songs at various concerts I've attended, so it's not like they have never played them live.  Now that I think of it, the albums These Days and Bounce failed to have a single song make the set list last night!

My personal favs from last night:  'Have A Nice Day', 'We Weren't Born To Follow', 'Living On A Prayer', 'Blood on Blood', and 'Runaway'.  What I found interesting this morning when I was thinking about it a bit more is that three of those five songs aren't even on my list of favorites by Bon Jovi.  A new song called 'Work For The Working Man' was very well done and an instant ITunes download.

Kid Rock also performed and I was less than impressed.  Admittedly, I wasn't a fan going in, so he would have had to work real hard to win me over.  When he told the crowd he was going to "F...... your wife tonight" and then when he delivered a real crass message to his audio crew that, when translated, went like this: "Turn up your ears, don't turn up my mic."  That was pretty much it for me.  I'm not easily offended, and I wasn't offended by his remarks, I just find him too juvenile even for a juvenile guy like me.  I don't care for the (his words) 'hillbilly shit' either.  Anyway, he was great for anyone that needed to stand in the long beer line.  Having said that, I talked to a few that quite enjoyed watching this guy, who appears to be slightly burnt from a few years of heavy drug use (I'm just guessing).

Some girl from Winnipeg opened the show.  Sierra Leone?  Sierra Noble?  I don't know.  Anyway, her very last song that was done on the fiddle was her best.

If you are going to the Regina show, I hope you see what we did last night.  It was rare.  I have been to concerts that have been excellent, but this is the first one I can think of that made me think, "Hmmm, I think Bon Jovi had as much fun as the crowd."

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Copy and paste URL in order to see story.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Before I go on this rant about the elderly McCann couple that vanished in Alberta; I need to say that I, genuinely, support the RCMP as far as individual officers are concerned.   The upper management, however, leaves something to be desired when I look at some of the policy that appears to be in place when you read various news stories and also pick up the odd snippet from a member him/herself.

In a nutshell, here's what happened:

78-year-old Lyle McCann and his 77-year-old wife, Marie, left on vacation in their motorhome from their house in St. Albert on July 3rd and haven't been seen since. It turns out the motorhome barely made it out of the region.  It was spotted two days later at the Minnow Lake campground near Edson, about a two hour drive west of Edmonton, with the SUV still attached.  The motorhome was found ablaze later that day in remote bush near the campground.  Fire crews doused the blaze and the SUV was gone.  No bodies inside, but police found the registration linking the vehicle to the McCanns.

According to a story in the Toronto Star yesterday, police phoned the McCann home and also knocked on their door, but found nobody home.  Authorities didn't start actively looking for them until five days later once the McCann's daughter reported they didn't show up in  Abbotsford for a camping trip.  Sgt. Patrick Webb, the RCMP lead spokesman on the case, apparently told a news conference earlier this week that the case didn't immediately set off alarm bells because vehicles are often found burning in the bush and it's not unusual for people to be away from home during the summer season.   Now, I'm not an investigator, but I question how often is it that an elderly couple's motorhome would be found burning in the bush, especially when you consider this elderly couple is likely void of a criminal record.  To me, that's a senior officer trying to brush off the media and if nobody in attendance pressed the Sgt. on this comment, then the media gets as much shame here as the senior member.  Also, I know we live in Sasktchewan but life here is not that much different than Alberta and I would question how often is 'often' when it comes to burning vehicles in the bush?  Can anyone reading this explain to me when the last time was you heard of a motorhome on fire in the woods?

The other thing that irks me, and I ran into this in Yorkton (not the present management team) when I worked at the radio station is that police will sometimes issue information for the general public and the details are either so sketchy nobody could possibly help or else the information is an outright lie.  In this case, the mounties said they issued an alert urging people to report any sightings of the motorhome, even though they already knew it was sitting burned in a field.  Webb initially attributed that to a communication breakdown, but then said it was done deliberately to protect the integrity of the investigation.  The RCMP members I know really dislike investigating false claims and anyone who subsequently phones a tip in that says, "Hey, I think I see that motorhome on the highway in front of me," is wasting valuable time.  A) they don't really see it and B) having a police official even take that call is counter productive.  It's like the boy who cried wolf.  Is there a missing motorhome or not?  Because as a citizen I'm very busy and I'm not putting myself into the middle of an investigation if you really don't need me to spot a missing vehicle.

What they should have done was issue an alert on the missing SUV, which I guess they did do eventually.  However, the RCMP in Prince George got a tip about this SUV and never bothered to even ask the individual's name who submitted the tip.  It turns out the couple that reported seeing the SUV were bang-on.  They recorded the license plate digit/letter by digit/letter.  But, the person who took the information never took down the tipster's name and number and now police are not only looking for a missing couple and their SUV, but also for the couple that provided this, possibly, very valuable tip.  This blunder is blamed on the fact RCMP detachments don't share information with one another very well.  Well, that's not our (general public) problem.

The RCMP needs to be more trustworthy when it comes to sharing information and I think they need to use the general public as a more valuable resource.  Most of us, who are law abiding citizens, are sick and tired of crime and if we can help authorities reduce it, we will.  Do you think a potential criminal has a better chance of escaping if police are looking for him without the help of the general public?  Of course he does and in this day and age of the internet, the general public all across the country can be looking for someone really quick.  The bottom line is that people making the decisions at the RCMP feel issuing information for the public hinders their investigation and they'll only inform us as a last resort.  This needs to change.

Furthermore, the higher ups at the RCMP throw their own people under the bus when they say the force is dealing with massive retirements and there are a lot of rookies handling tough cases.  This was floated out there by Bill Pitt, a retired Mountie and currend Edmonton based criminologist.  That's not fair.  I've met quite a few young officers who are extremely capable of doing their job.


There may be no bigger a baby in the world of sports than a baseball  player.

San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos just went on the disabled list with a strain to his left side.  "I held my sneeze walking down the dugout steps and felt a little pull."  Wow.

Houston Astros infielder Geoff Blum is on the disabled list after suffering an elbow injury while putting on his shirt.  Manager Brad Mills said, "He was putting on his shirt after the game and his elbow goes 'boom,  pop' and it blows up on him."

Anaheim's Kendry Morales is out for the season after breaking his arm in a walk-off home run celebration.

Here are some other actual injuries suffered by baseball players:

--Infielder Chris Brown missed a game because he slept on his eye funny.

--DH Mickey Tettleton once went on the disabled list because he suffered athlete's foot when he tied his shoes too tight.

--Pitcher Greg Harris strained his elbow flipping sunflower seeds in the dugout.

--Pitcher Byron McLaughlin cut his right hand while practicing his wind-up in a hotel room.  He was too close to the mirror.

--Pitcher Rich Harden, who's on the disabled list every year for some reason or another, once was put on the shelf after he strained his shoulder reaching for the alarm clock.

--Outfielder Vince Coleman missed the entire 1985 World Series after being rolled up in the tarp machine at Busch Stadium.

--Shortstop Bobby Crosby, another player who frequents the DL every year, cracked two ribs while practicing his swing in the on-deck circle.

--Third basemen Wade Boggs hurt his back putting on cowboy boots.

--Future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr missed a game when his cup/can slipped and he pinched a testicle.

--Jose Cardenal missed a game because he was kept up all night by crickets chirping in his hotel room.

--The best one might be one-time Red Sox player Clarence Blethen, who thought he looked older and meaner if he took his false teeth out when he pitched. He forgot to put them back in when he was batting and while sliding into second base to break-up a double play, his own teeth (in his back pocket) bit himself in the butt.

--The most famous Blue Jay injury might be Glenallen Hill's spider man incident, when he had a nightmare, fell out of bed, and cut himself on a glass table.  

Thursday, July 15, 2010

SOAPBOX (Yorkton This Week July 14th)

Yorkton got a visit from Stephen Harper last week.  Or, did we?  One scribe who shall remain nameless because I’m not sure if he/she wants his/her name published said, “Let’s get this clear.  Harper was not in Yorkton today.  He flew into the airport, left  his plane, had a brief meeting with James (Wilson), and got on a chopper.  He went for a 45-minute spin with the Agriculture Ministers and Brad Wall.  He landed at a farmer’s house, shook hands, kissed babies and then flew back to the airport.  He got on his plane and was most likely in Calgary by 4pm.  He never saw the city at all, or spoke to the local media.”  The Calgary reference is one I made about this being an easy stop for Harper seeing as how he was likely headed to the Calgary Stampede anyway!

Don’t take this the wrong way, I think the federal government’s announcement of an instant 400-plus million dollar aid package is bang on.  Provincial NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter doesn’t like it, but I get the feeling with his tone, prairie farmers may have come up empty handed if he had a bigger role.  You can’t compare farm aid to money spent on the G20.  It’s apples to oranges.  The fact remains this amount of money is the most ever spent on farm aid, and the availability sounds like it’s going to be relatively quick.  Mr. Lingenfelter should offer up a ‘thank-you’ and move on to criticizing other things.

There is still some protestor fallout from G20.  The protestors are upset over what they consider their rights being violated when they, apparently, weren’t allowed to protest.  They argue being in a democratic society, they have the right to protest.  Aren’t a lot of these people protesting democracy?  I still don’t know what any of them stand for.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too. 

I’m somewhat thankful of my busy life over the last few years because there are a number of really good television shows that run repeats and I still haven’t seen the original.  This is important to me because watching Big Brother or The Bachelorette makes me want to poke my eyes out with really sharp straws.  I have seen 8-10 episodes of Criminal Minds in the last week.  I had no idea it was such a good program.  On Sunday, I was burning the midnight oil and after Criminal Minds came a new show called The Glades (on A&E).  Finally, something new has caught my attention.  I can relate to the main character.  He’s dry and sarcastic.  It’s along the lines of a Criminal Minds type show, only the focus is on one investigator as opposed to an entire team, and the setting is in Florida.

I notice speed bumps in the Super Store parking lot.  This may not be a bad idea for Circlebrooke Drive.  I’m serious.  I remember going home to Fredericton a few years ago and cursing under my breath about one of the main drags in a residential area (Marysville) that had speed bumps.  Now, I understand why this was done. 

If you are reading this today, I hope you are not one of the classless people going around and picking up trash from the end of your neighbour’s driveway and setting it out at the end of your own driveway just so you can make an insurance/disaster claim.  And, if you are one of the people looting these abandoned houses, may you someday have to experience a tragic worldly possession loss.  This is a time where I’ve marvelled at seeing a city of 17,000 come together and act like a village in that everyone seems to help out one another in a brotherly fashion.  A select few are trying to wreck it.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders may go 13-and-5 or 14-and-4 this season.  They’ve played two very impressive games against two pretty good football clubs.  Darian Durant continues to establish himself as the CFL’s best quarterback, which means Rider fans are going to have to find something else to gripe about for a change.  The quarterback, normally the position most critiqued, is as good as it could possibly be right now.  Next up is Edmonton and the Esks are 0-and-2.  There is wide spread panic in the city of so-called Champions.  Interesting moniker when I see Oiler and Eskimo teams headed straight down the sewer (sorry for the flood reference).

Kudos to Yorkton Harvest grad Riley Storzuk, who last week announced his commitment to the Flin Flon Bombers of the SJHL.  It sounds like another Harvest player, Curtis Veitch, is going to play with Waywayseecappo.  A third, Kyle Trimp, is eligible to play an over-age midget season in the United States and that appears to be where he’s going.  Call me crazy, but the Weyburn Red Wings need that guy.  I’m surprised after seeing how soft they were against Yorkton that they can’t find room for a big truck like Trimp.

Feel free to email me your thoughts at or check out my new, unestablished and maybe temporary blog at .

Nice person mentions this week to Lori Desroches, the Vargo family, Chuck Tysowski, Cam Mehling, and Flo Christianson.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Photos: Suspect in kidnapping and sexual assault


In March, I wrote an article in Yorkton This Week explaining my displeasure over my purchasing experience of paperless tickets through the Ticketmaster website for the Iron Maiden concert to be held on June 29th.

The article didn't go over well with the folks at Ticketmaster and I found myself on the telephone with a representative from Toronto as well as one from Los Angeles as they better explained that Ticketmaster is merely an agent and doesn't determine the method on how to sell tickets.

Either way, I quickly discovered that I don't like paperless tickets as it really handicaps one's ability to buy tickets as a gift for someone, which is what I had done.  I should point out I take full responsibility for not reading the fine print as I assumed closer to concert time I would be able to make arrangements so that the person the gift was intended for could go to the show without me.  However, I soon realized that would not be the case.  When you buy paperless tickets, the only way you can get into the show is to bring the credit card used at the time of purchase as well as photo ID.  No exceptions.

I belly ached about this to an agent in Saskatoon through an email and was informed via email in March from the CUC Message Centre stating (this is word for word) :

If you have tickets in the PAPERLESS section, the
credit card holder is the only person who can
access the tickets at the door.  If you cannot
attend, for a fee of 45.00 per ticket, you can
change your order to another credit card and a new
name.  Please contact 938-7800 to make this


I got a subsequent email that states:

Oops - my apologies.  The cost is $5.00 per ticket
- TYPO!!!

In June, when I was ready to have the tickets moved to my friend's name, I made the phone call to the number given and explained the situation.  The particular agent on the other end of the phone was excellent as far as manners and overall customer service is concerned, but I could tell this was foreign to her pretty much right away.  After a few minutes she deferred to her superior, the individual that wrote me the email, and I was told by that person there would be no way of exchanging the tickets at all.  The reason being was that in my original email in March, I didn't specify that I had used a fan club password to get the seats.  My response was a question that was along the lines of, "So you mean I have to come close to having a law degree just to buy tickets for a concert?"  She said, "Yes, pretty much as you have to understand all the fine print and I won't be able to do anything for you because you never told me these tickets were bought through the fan club password."

So, I was pretty choked as I had received an email saying they'd make the switch (not happy about the extra $5 per ticket charge either, but oh well) and now they are saying they won't, even though I have an email that says otherwise.

I think my saving grace was the woman in Toronto, who I had talked to originally about the Yorkton This Week article.  I emailed her seeing if there was anything that could be done and within minutes it was fixed.  I am, eternally, grateful to her.

The story doesn't end there, though.  When it came time to go to the concert, my friend showed his card and ID at the door and guess what?  It didn't work.  As a back-up plan, I sent him to the show with a record of my purchase as well as my credit card used at the time of the original sale in March.  Without that record of my purchase, he and his family would not have been able to see the concert.  Then, when our credit card statements came at the end of the month, we realized the gift ($400) was charged to his card.  So, an act of kindness on my behalf (purchase four tickets to Iron Maiden and sending him to the show) has now become his headache as his card was billed for the full price of the tickets, plus the $20 to have the tickets changed from my name to his name so he could get in (which he almost wasn't able to do).

What a disaster.

I guess, at the end of the day, I understand the need for coming up with ways to circumvent the ticket scalper.  I get it.  But, the Iron Maiden concert was only partially paperless.  What good is a concert that is partially paperless?  If there are actual tickets available, then you are going to get scalpers.  For fun, I checked EBay prior to the show and sure enough, they were on there going for twice the face value.

I learned a fair bit from this experience.  I don't have Ticketmaster as high on my list of 'bad guy businesses' as I once did despite the huge screw up at the gate and the attempted renege on the March email that said they'd move the tickets out of my name and into my friend's.  The higher ups in Toronto and Los Angeles were straight forward, honest, and easy to understand.

However, I won't do a paperless ticket.  I don't need to see a concert that bad.  Even if I buy it and it stays in my name (I will never do the gift thing, EVER again).

I get the feeling Ticketmaster is not totally gung ho on paperless tickets; but if the band and their agents insist on it, then there isn't a whole lot they can do.

The thing is, I don't really have an alternative suggestion either.  I just think if airlines (air security is as tight as you get) allow you to print your ticket at home then there must be a way to do this in a way that still reduces scalping.  I'm wondering without giving this a whole lot of thought, but what if tickets were personalized and there was a limit of 4 tickets per house-hold and if people who have a habit of moving tickets around into other names are somehow 'flagged' and then given warnings to quit this practice or else they will not be issued tickets......

Feel free to post thoughts and suggestions.



We still don't have names.

RCMP release survivor; still looking for two others feared lost in river near Yorkton

Monday, July 12, 2010


CBC News - Saskatchewan - Regina, Melville hospital groups dispute woman's will

(It's too bad that it took a court to allow for 'common sense' to prevail. Looks to me that the Regina group was trying to use a loop hole to get a bit of money. Shame!)


--Environment Canada says today's hail storm in Calgary arrived so quickly, they were unable to issue any warnings.  That's a joke, surely, as typing up this brief note about Environment Canada and posting it online has taken me under 60 seconds.

--Mel Gibson needs to be put in a room with some stuffed animals and rubber walls so he can get out whatever is causing him to be so angry at anything and everything that isn't white skinned and heterosexual.

--Speaking of skin color, Jesse Jackson does far more to hurt racial relations than he does to help them.  His most recent target is Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.  Gilbert lashed out at Lebron James following last week's announcement he was leaving the Cavs for the Miami Heat.  Jackson said Gilbert's comments personified a slave master mentality.  I wish Jesse would just go away.

--Major League Baseball should not have a home run derby as part of its All-Star festivities.  Most of the players don't want to take part.  Tonight's event, which I'm not watching, features B and C list power hitters.  I can't believe hitters that are so good they are considered to be the top dozen or so in the world are so worried that one night of 'fun' will ruin their swing for the next month.  It's childish, immature, and snotty.

--I'm not a fan of All-Star Games in any sport.  I'd be happier if leagues simply named players who would play in a game if one was to be held and then move on (symbolic).  Give everyone 3 days off and then pick it up later in the week.

--People that show up at Craven two weeks in advance of the weekend concert proceedings are either nuts or have no lives.  If you are one of these people and you are reading this, please email me so I can understand better. .

--Furthermore, if organizers promised nothing more than bar bands for entertainment would you still go provided 15-thousand other people would also commit to going?


Police have arrested a 65-year-old man who made it out of the truck that swept away by flood waters.

Two people missing after truck is swept into river near Springside

Sunday, July 11, 2010


A 36-year-old RCMP officer has been taken into custody in relation to his wife's death; but it's important to note no charges have been laid as of the time of this writing.

Should this officer be arrested and, subsequently, found guilty he is going to be in for one terrible ride in prison.

Police officers are often not treated nicely inside the Grey Hotel.  It makes me wonder why people in such positions of authority can have such a tremendous lapse in judgement.

Here's the story I'm referring to:


The Saskatchewan Roughriders improved to 2-and-0 with a convincing 37-18 win over the BC Lions last night i what was the first game at Empire Stadium for the Leos.

Darian Durant continues to reinforce the belief I made public about this time last year in that he is the best quarterback in the CFL, and that includes putting Anthony Calvillo in the conversation.  Through two games, Durant has thrown for 750 yards, 6 touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, and 0 interceptions.

The Calgary Stampeders are also 2-and-0, but their schedule has been a joke compared to Saskatchewan's.  The Riders beat the Grey Cup champs at Mosaic Stadium and also beat a BC team I think is greatly improved from last year; while the Stamps defeated the hapless Argos as well as a Hamilton team that looks like it will be hard pressed to win half a dozen games.  Back to being an also ran, Ticat fans.

Saskatchewan got solid play in all facets of the game, including their special teams.  Hugh Charles provided a nice boost on kick-off returns and also looked real good spelling Wes Cates.  Cates had a fumble in the first half, but he too had his moments.  The receivers continue to be dynamite, the offensive line played well, and the defense confused Casey Printers and Travis Lulay continuously.  Defensive End Brent Hawkins had a couple of sacks and made a tackle at the end of the first half that contributed to Printers having to leave the game.

My Power Rankings aren't likely to garner the same interest as TSN, but for what it's worth (Edmonton and Montreal haen't played yet).

I'm giving the Blue Bombers the benefit of the doubt.  They outplayed Toronto on Friday and I'm stunned as to how they lost.

4-British Columbia

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love it when the best professional athletes say they are going to a team because it gives them the best chance to win.

What do you think Miami's chances of winning were BEFORE Lebron James said he'd play there?  Now, look at their chances now.  The fact is that players like James are the reason teams have a 'better chance' to win.  If he stayed in Cleveland, they would have a better chance at winning than what they do now.  Sure, playing alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh make Lebron and the Heat odds on favorites to win the East next year; but none of these three want the pressure of leading a team alone; so as they say....there is strength in numbers.

I know guys like James don't give a hoot about the fans; but as a fan I much more appreciate a team that wins because they grow as a team and aren't some artificial creation (see New York Yankees).

Teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Phillies, and New Orleans Saints are teams that maybe added free agent superstars, but there were some natural ingredients there as well.

I just saw some Cleveland fans burning a James jersey on TV.  Get a life.


Stephen Harper was in Yorkton to survey the flood damage in the city and also on farmers' fields in the surrounding area.  While it sounds like a nice gesture on his behalf, I think he's actually on his way to the Calgary Stampede, so this wasn't exactly 'out of the way' for him.

Having said that, a $450 million dollar aid package for farmers that was announced today (in Saskatoon) is definitely significant.

Part of why I don't take the NDP seriously is that Dwain Lingenfelter criticized this hand-out.  Trying to compare this aid package to the money spent on security for the G20 is like comparing apples to oranges.  He would have more credibility with me if he just said something nice about it and moved on.  I don't think a federal government has ever committed this kind of money in such a timely fashion before.

Harper, though, could have answered a couple of questions from reporters.  Instead, he deferred to Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

I saw Wall, Ken Krawetz, Greg Ottenbreit, and a couple of other politicians this afternoon at the Parker Quine Building.  They make a lot of racket for a bunch of dignified gentlemen!

Sounds like Dairy Queen will have to completely rebuild the restaurant in the wake of last week's flood.  Mark Butchko, the local franchise owner, says certain employees have looked after him for the last seven yeas; so now it's time for him to look after them.  Class guy.  It's probably not the way Mark wanted to get a drive-thru window at the store............

Also, I hope someone catches the looters who are going around and raiding some of these abandoned homes of what few possessions are left and usable.

Here's another classy thing that's going on:  the odd person is driving around and stealing the trash that people are leaving out at the end of the driveway and then returning home and putting it at the end of their own driveway in hopes of making a 'claim'.

No wonder insurance companies are the way they are.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Melville Millionaires have traded top scorer Logan Herauf to La Ronge for goalie Kyle Jahraus. 

There are reports out there Herauf is actually looking to play in the North American Hockey League next season, but even if he doesn't; it appeared as though going back to Melville really wasn't in his plans.

Jahraus played in the WHL for Prince George and Seattle last year.  He should give Melville something they sorely lacked a season ago:  a bonafide number one netminder.  Kyle and Zach Rakochy should give the Millionaires stable goaltending. 

Here's the link to the SJHL story...

SOAPBOX (Yorkton This Week July 7)

Last week’s ‘Flood Of The Century’ has really put a damper (you have to find a way to be as light hearted as you can about this) on my desire to span the city, province, country, globe, etc. but I think if I dedicated the entire column to flood stuff, it would be depressing.

Nevertheless, as you maybe know by now; the city has been declared a disaster area and residents are now eligible to make claims through the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program. Call City Hall if you aren’t sure where to start.

One report says Yorkton received 76 millimetres of rain in one hour on Canada Day, while the average monthly rainfall for June is 71 millimetres.

I would also ask residents to be patient while the business community gets back up to speed. Restaurants like McDonald’s and Dairy Queen are great contributors to our economy. Let’s make sure we give them all the support we can going forward. There are other businesses affected as well, including the one I work full-time for (Source Embroidery). I can assure you that the powers-that-be are doing everything in their power to re-open as quickly as possible so that life can return to ‘normal’.

I don’t like using the phrase ‘it could be worse’ because no matter what catastrophe you go through, things could always be worse. However, when I look at the pictures on the internet of what happened one day later near Raymore on the Kawacatoose First Nation; it makes me feel extremely thankful as more than a dozen families had their homes and vehicles destroyed by a tornado.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders opened the season with a 54-51 win over Montreal on the same afternoon the rains came pouring down in Yorkton. The game is being hailed as, perhaps, the best CFL season opener ever. I watched highlights and it definitely is one I’m sorry I missed. I don’t like to be negative after such a thrilling victory, but if there was one penalty you’d think the Riders make sure they never ever take again, what do you think it would be? Well, they just about lost the game on another 13th man penalty. Who’s fault is this? I didn’t like that when the Grey Cup was lost on the 13th man penalty, Ken Miller didn’t single out who the idiot was. People are a lot less accountable when shielded in this manner. I have said for the better part of two years now that the Riders are an amazingly talented team, but they are out-coached on a regular basis. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter and the Riders win anyway. In keeping with the Riders, Darian Durant is the best quarterback in the CFL. I’ve been saying it for about a year now, and he showed last week that I am right!

Lost in the middle of the flood story is the fact Kim Walker’s second degree murder verdict was overturned last week and a new trial has been ordered. My thoughts at the moment focus on punishment vs. rehabilitation. The bleeding hearts will often point to the need to rehabilitate cold blooded criminals so that they can become productive members of the community. I wonder what those same people would think when it comes to Walker? What type of rehabilitation can be done here? I would be confident in saying he’s not a threat to society.

Another sign the world is coming to an end: there will soon be a television station geared to nothing but reality tv.

While I am not a fan of reality tv, I have come to embrace social media. Last week, I started blogging. I’m not ready to say I’m going to be a diligent blogger, but I’m giving it a shot. if you are interested.

I love Twitter. I’ve started following Dave Zinczenko, the Editor In Chief of Men’s Health Magazine. He’s also tweeting neat little tidbits, such as the one he released on June 28th that stated, “Canadian researchers claim people tend to be more honest in a room that is well lit.”

Nice person mentions this week to Laury Ryan, Don Chesney, Phil Heilman, and Sharon and Darrel Kawa.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


There is a public meeting at the Gallagher Centre right now (2:50pm).  More importantly, there are forms sitting on a table in the main lobby that should give you all the information you need when it comes to the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program.



I suppose this could be seen as a 'suck up' piece; but I feel the need to tell this story regardless of how it comes across.

In January 2009 I was hired by Kirk and Sheri Weinmaster to do sales at Source Embroidery.   I was stale and not doing my employer (Fox FM), my family, or myself any justice by continuing to spin my wheels in my current  situation.  That wasn't anyone's fault, I just got into an area in my life where I needed to make a refreshing change.  I had no idea working for Kirk and Sheri would turn out the way it has.  I couldn't have possibly expected to walk into such a great place to work despite my total inexperience and knowledge of their type of business (promotional advertising).

The staff is small, roughly 6 people.  Now, for a promotional advertising company that is a rather large staff, but compared to workforces of 40-50 people in broadcasting, six is not big at all.  To my credit, I was asked by Kirk and Sheri to come work for them and that made it easier for me to accept, simply because I knew that if I was a complete failure, I was going to be given some chances.  They wanted it to work out as much as I did.  Good thing I had that rope!

Enough of the background.  On Thursday Kirk sent me a text to inform us of the storm and to check on the house.  He provided no information on his own situation until I phoned and asked.  The basement at Source Embroidery was just about a write-off.  In some places, sewer back up had been 3-4 feet high.  Water was shooting out of one of the sinks like a geyser.  There are thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of machinery and materials in the basement.  Roll upon roll of vinyl was toast.  A further note on the background:  some people do not realize what we produce 'in-house'.  Our production level in the basement is extremely high.  We, routinely, are printing full vehicle wraps, huge billboard signs, trade show banners, ice logos, etc. over the course of each day.  Seldom does an hour, let alone a day, pass where the printers aren't going.  For Yorkton, Source Embroidery is quite a store.  It's actually quite funny when someone comes into the store and wants a strip of vinyl printed off and they are willing to wait 10 minutes for it!  We are busy.  We'll need 'a little more' than 10 minutes!

Friday, after we had our home situation under control, I went to Source to see how things were going.  Restorex was already there.  They are an excellent customer of ours.  When you see their trailers and vehicles and marvel at the decals, that's Source Embroidery's work.  What Restorex did at Source on Friday is worth another story all onto itself.  What an incredible crew.  

Kirk and Sheri are the type that look out for others before themselves.  I don't think they asked anyone for help, but because they surround themselves with such good people, there was lots of it on hand at the store to help with heavy lifting and other chores to help the Restorex crew move a little quicker.

After lunch, Kirk banished me back to my house to make sure things were good on my home front (Kirk and Sheri talked very little about their own home, but they definitely had water damage in the basement and even on the main floor).  As I write this, I am feeling somewhat self-absorbed as I still haven't asked them how things are at their HOUSE as opposed to the store.  Kirk still checked in late in the evening on Friday to make sure my family was good.  Even though he had his own battles (much bigger than mine), he made it abundantly clear that if Jenn and I needed anything at all we were to call them.  Amazing.

On Sunday, Kirk and Sheri donated half of the showroom to those that may be in need of clothing during this difficult time.  Other than in this blog, that donation will go pretty much unnoticed and not publicized.

Their work ethic will be on display this week, though.  If not for the big oven Restorex has in the basement, we'd be back to work on Monday morning and it would be 'business as usual'.  If you saw what they did on Thursday night, you would say 'impossible'.  The reality is that Restorex heats the basement to 120 degrees in order to dry everything and then they'll sanitize the basement.  Eventually, everything will be re-done.  I suspect by Wednesday, our show-room will turn into a makeshift/temporary shop where we can print the vinyl that needs to be done and we'll soldier on.

To current customers:  give us a few days and we'll be back in action.  You'll get the same service you have been accustomed to.

To potential customers:  wouldn't you want to work with a team (Source Embroidery) that looks out for others before they look out for number one?   Your job will get care better than if it was Kirk or Sheri's own personal project.  That's the way it has been at Source and it's the way it will continue to be.  The credit goes to Kirk and Sheri for putting employees in place that have similar values.  Heidi Derbowka (embroidery, retail), Jason Sheppard (screen shop, installation), and Kelsey Jones (graphic artist) all have the redeeming qualities Kirk and Sheri seek when hiring.  When Dana Rathgeber returns from maternity leave in the Fall, the two best graphic artists in Yorkton will be working side by side, and quite frankly, I would put both of their work up against any I've seen in the entire province in my 18 months experience on the job.

Hopefully the salesman has done his job so that everyone has enough work to do!

LINKS TO YORKTON FLOOD ON CANADA DAY!/group.php?gid=129628730409161

I believe Red Cross is set up at Kinsmen Arena as of 2pm today.

If you have other links to photo albums, etc. please share them in the comments area.


Wow.  Where to begin?

I guess I should start by saying I witnessed none of what happened on July 1st.  At least first hand.

Our family was camping in Wasagaming, Manitoba when my employer (Kirk Weinmaster) sent me a text saying there was a huge storm in Yorkton and I should phone and check on our house.  By the time I was able to discern what had happened, it was about 9pm and there was definitely water in the basement, but we weren't sure how much.

We decided to come home, but I had to take the long way (through Riding Mountain as opposed to Highway-45) because I knew I could fuel up in Dauphin and wasn't sure where I'd see a gas station if I went the other way.

The trip itself was an adventure.  I got up close and personal with a couple of moose on the highway and we were also treated to a constant light show in the sky as there was lightning steady in both the east and west.  It was almost like travelling in the daylight.  I can't remember ever seeing constant lightning like that.  On the outskirts of Dauphin, I was forced to pull over (people that know me, know that I NEVER pull over) as the rain started to come in buckets.  After waiting about 5 minutes, I decided I'd trudge along and eventually we drove out of it.

When we arrived in Yorkton, it was like something out of the movies or on CNN when you see a midwestern state stricken with the disaster of a tropical storm.  Emergency crews had Broadway sectioned off downtown and even though it was past midnight, we could see there was a 'lake' that stretched a couple of blocks.

Our own home had water, but it wasn't as bad as we envisioned.  We put our two Shop Vacs to work and pretty much had everything cleaned up by 2am.  Enter storm #2.  We must have received another inch after 3am and when we got up in the morning, water was now coming in steady.  We got it under control and within 24 hours life at our house was back to 'normal'.

We were extremely lucky when compared to friends' homes and friends' businesses.  We, at 106 Circlebrooke, have no reason to belly ache today.

........will write more shortly.

One report had 76 millimeters of rain in one hour, with the average monthly rainfall in Yorkton being 71 millimeters (to put it in perspective).

One report circulating about Dairy Queen is that a freezer full of food was actually floating around in the basement and reached the stairs when the door was opened to survey the damage.  Mark and Lori are awesome people and always give to the community, so if there is an opportunity for us to give to them, let's do it.

Ditto for McDonald's.  I noticed they are still closed today.  One person told me the water was up past the chairs on the main floor.  Dave and Tricia are excellent people and we are lucky to have them in Yorkton.  If you know them and can offer assistance, please do.  People like Mark, Lori, Dave, and Tricia are probably too proud to actually ask for it.  So volunteer yourself if you can.