Thursday, March 31, 2011


Special thanks to Shannon Deveau of the Yorkton News Review for this news release from Yorkton City RCMP:

(Quite a coincidence that an incident that occurred on March 19th ends up being reported to police the same night that a second incident occurs.)

Yesterday evening at approximately 11:00 p.m. Yorkton Municipal RCMP members responded to a 911 complaint that a male driving a 4 door pick-up truck had attempted to abduct an adult female. This occurred on Laurier Avenue, 1 block south of Broadway Street in the community of Yorkton, SK. Details of the incident are as follows:

A 21 year old female advised she was walking on Laurier Avenue when she was approached by a male who was driving what was described as a newer and very clean black or dark coloured four door pick up truck. The male asked the female for directions and then exited the truck and approached her from behind. The male was armed with a knife and forcibly took the female to the truck and put her in the back seat. After a short time, the 21 year old female was able to escape the vehicle and immediately called 911 and RCMP attended immediately to the scene.

The male is described as being 24-30 years old, 5'6" to 5'9" tall, average build, round face and wearing a black leather jacket, jeans and running shoes. The vehicle is described as a newer black, 4 door pick-up style truck, possibly a Ford or a Dodge product. The truck was very clean and appeared to have been recently washed. The truck was described as having a shorter cargo box of less than 8 feet. The license plate is believed to be from Saskatchewan.

RCMP also received a similar complaint on the evening of March 30th which detailed an incident that occurred on March 19th, 2011. There are similarities between the two incidents, including descriptors for the male subject and vehicle. RCMP in Yorkton are currently working on a composite sketch in relation to these two incidents. Once the sketch has been completed, it will be sent out through skmedia.

STACKHOUSE SOAPBOX (Yorkton This Week Mar 30)

Terriers deserve your attention | Columnists | Yorkton This Week, Yorkton, SK

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yorkton Terriers vs. La Ronge Ice Wolves

Every time someone wants to sell Adam Bartko short, he comes up with a big game or a big series.  He did it last year in the postseason against Flin Flon and he did it again this year against Melfort as he outplayed the more highly touted Charles Corsi and may have been the difference in the Bauer Conference final.  To, quickly, discredit him and suggest Yorkton has the edge with Devin Peters would be unfair.  Bartko is a championship caliber goalie and deserves more respect than he has received for the last two years.  Meanwhile, it's tough to argue against Peters, who is 5-0, 1.00, .970 in the postseason.  Folks, that's as close to unbeatable as you can get.  Still, Peters has not been needed as the Terriers have blown out the competition in four of his five starts.

Here's where La Ronge may be susceptible, but that is to nitpick.  Phil Belanger, Robert Monfore, and Dayton Fossum are the veterans that will have to be key in stopping Yorkton's speedy forwards.  Kindersley's defense was exposed for not being able to keep up and the Ice Wolves may have to make some adjustments to their game if the Terriers get in behind them.  Fossum and Byron Sorensen are underrated offensive performers, although we'll likely see four forwards on the ice when the Wolves go to the powerplay.  Like Yorkton's blueline, La Ronge's has flown under the radar all year in light of their high profile scorers.  Don't be fooled.  This is a well coached group of six and they are tough to play against.

The best defenseman for the Terriers, hands down, is Brant Remenda.  That's partially due to Blaine Tendler working his way back from injury, but also because Remenda has stepped up his game more than any other player on the Yorkton roster, which is saying something bold when looking at how well they are playing.  The Terrier defense has been underrated all year, but they'll either get the full credit they deserve or else be fitted for goat horns playing against a La Ronge forward group that is very much like Yorkton's.  A player like Kurtis Decker becomes a real key piece now as he'll need to continue to block shots and shut down the opposition's top threats.

Doug Lindensmith's health is a huge question mark.  If he can go, the Ice Wolves will be able to re-unite their big line with Lindensmith, Travis Eggum, and Marc-Andre Carre.  They are, without a doubt, the best line in the league.  When Lindensmith went down in the Flin Flon series, the Ice Wolves proved they were not just a one line team.  Enter the likes of Logan Herauf, who's playing the best hockey of his career, along with promising rookie Rhyse Dieno, tough guy Skyler Hladun, and the crafty Justin Ducharme.  That brings the total of offensive superstars to seven.  Nolan Souchotte and Aaron Enns are two of the best penalty killers in the league and then there's Nick Keller, who can play any role asked.  Keller also has some of that championship experience from his Humboldt days.  There is a ton of depth here.

Justin Buzzeo, Jeremy Boyer, Clarke Breitkreuz, and Robbie Ciolfi are four of the most exciting players you will ever see playing Junior 'A' hockey.  It's that simple.  The big question mark for them will be their compete level if a game is tight or if the Terriers fall behind by a couple of goals early in the game.  Still, they are almost impossible to defend.  Most teams just don't have four defensemen who can log big minutes against gifted athletes such as these four. Nevertheless, to this point, they have not had to get gritty.  Grit is the perfect word to describe the third line of Brenden Poncelet, Nathan Murray, and Riley Paterson.  Craig Eisenhut and Zak Majkowski will play on the top two lines somewhere, provided Brent Struble remains on the sidelines with an injury.

I've always felt that beating a champion is extremely difficult.  I remember when Yorkton's two year title run ended a few years back. Anthony Heuer had to, pretty much, steal game seven to eliminate them.  Humboldt appeared to be left for dead a number of times in their three-year stretch of glory, but always fought back.  I recall the big seven game series with Melfort in 2007, the 2008 final against Kindersley, the 2009 final against Melville, and the ANAVET Cup series against Portage in 2009 as well.  The Ice Wolves have a lot of players that remember how magical 2010 was.  I think of Lindensmith and how much he impressed me with his two-way play.  I look at Enns, Keller, and Souchotte who typify what playoff hockey should be all about.  Make no mistake.  La Ronge didn't have the best record in the league by accident.

The Terriers know this group was built for a championship.  Anything short of that will be a disappointment for them.  Buzzeo, Boyer, Tendler, and Remenda were brought in for this purpose and this purpose only.  Of their superstar players, only Tendler and Peters were members of last year's 2010 six game Credit Union Cup final series loss.  Still, there should be short memories on guys like Paterson, Murray, Vick, and Decker who are really looking for another crack at La Ronge.  Yorkton will have to guard against over confidence from embarrassing Kindersley.  Their complete dominance of the Klippers may have actually elevated them to slight favorites in this series even though La Ronge had the better regular season record.

No prediction from me on this one other than to say I think it could be one of the best Credit Union Cup finals of the last ten years.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Shortly after announcing they were going to bid on the 2012 World Junior 'A' Challenge, a group from Brandon, Manitoba has announced it is abandoning its plans.

One of the organizers, Darryl Wolski, says, "The Manitoba Junior Hockey League says they will not support a bid from Brandon.  Hockey Canada says it would be difficult to endorse a bid that does not have the support of its local Junior 'A' league."

Wolski says it is a complete mystery to him as to why the MJHL would not support the bid.  According to an email, Wolski says that Commissioner Kim Davis informed him that there was a wide range of information absent in terms of what the plan might be.  Wolski says Davis was unclear as to what his group wanted to do and how they wanted to do it and, therefore, in the best interest of members of the MJHL and for sound business reasons, he was unable to endorse the request for support.

Wolski says, "I have been involved as an NHL player agent for six years and I've been part of groups that have organized multi-million dollar rock concerts.  Our committee were the ones behind the Memorial Cup last year.  My business is operating hockey tournaments for the last 15 years.  This is not my first rodeo."

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Here's another blatant cheap shot by Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Where are Mario Lemieux, Air Canada, and Via Rail today? If they truly mean what they say through previous statements, then we'll hear from them again. Lemieux, in particular, needs to take a stand. Whatever the NHL hands down for a suspension, the Penguins should tack on more for conduct detrimental to their organization.

Cooke is like the chronic drunk driver and the NHL is the frustrating judge that continues to re-issue him a license.

I would suspend Cooke for a full twelve months for this based on his previous track record. However, if he was handled properly in the first place the NHL should simply revoke his privilege to play in the NHL.

Cooke, obviously, has no problem at all with what he did to Marc Savard as it's very possible Savard's career is over. His actions are extremely dangerous and here he is again out to end another player's career.

I wonder what kind of a case Ryan McDonagh would have if he went after the NHL in a lawsuit for providing an unsafe work environment.

By the way, did anyone see the Brad Marchand elbow on RJ Umberger earlier this week? Just a complete disregard for human life. Sounds over the top, but that's what it has come down to. Umberger has been previously concussed in a serious incident a few years ago; so who knows what his long term life expectancy is.

I haven't seen the Dany Heatley on Steve Ott elbow, but why wouldn't Heatley take liberties? After all, he didn't do a day of jail time for recklessly killing his friend in a drunk driving accident a few years ago. He took the Ottawa Senators signing bonus despite holding out and demanding a trade on his no-movement contract. So, there's very little accountability when it comes to him. And, a two game suspension is a welcome break after you've played almost 70 in a row. Thanks for the holiday.

This crap has to stop.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


The Yorkton Terriers blew out the Kindersley Klippers 7-0 in game two of the Sherwood Conference final tonight.

Craig Eisenhut, Jeremy Boyer, and Brenden Poncelet scored twice each for the Terriers.  Robbie Ciolfi had a single.  As I said last night, Poncelet is a player designed for playoff hockey.  He even was involved in a fight that he won handily.

I don't think he got any points tonight, but Brant Remenda might have been the best player on the ice.  His decision is making, defensive positioning, and ability to prolong offensive pressure with the way manages to keep the puck inside the offensive zone continues to impress.

I mentioned before the series that I wasn't sure how Kindersley would deal with adversity.  Well, here is a taste of it.  They've been outscored 14-2 in the series as they head home.  Can they make this a series? They absolutely must win game three on Tuesday.

They have a significant injury too.  Johnny Calkins didn't play tonight and his status for game three is uncertain.

Furthermore, Sean Cahill has not been on top of his game and Justin McDonald did have some poise in relief this evening; nevertheless he was still beaten four times in fifty minutes.  Who starts in goal for them now?  My money is still on Cahill, but like the rest of his teammates, he has to be better.


Murder suspect rejects his name | Winnipeg | News | Winnipeg Sun

It's simple then. Put him in the clink with some books to read and get him to notify a lawyer when he does understand.

Friday, March 18, 2011


The Yorkton Terriers blew out the Kindersley Klippers 7-2 in game one of the SJHL Sherwood Conference finals.

I have to say that I am not right very often, so when I am, I really like to blow my horn.  Brenden Poncelet was one of the best players on the ice tonight, along with linemates Riley Paterson and Nathan Murray.  Poncelet, in my opinion, is a guy who is going to play his best hockey come playoff time and he's showing that right now despite not having an abundance of points.  He's a real force out there.

Devin Peters is, officially, back.  He was excellent tonight and is 2-0, 1.50, .958 in two games during the playoffs.  He's providing championship calibre goaltending on a team that doesn't really need it right now as they are on a five game playoff win streak.

The January 10th acquisitions of Justin Buzzeo and Jeremy Boyer got a ton of press right across the junior hockey world in Saskatchewan; but the most valuable trade was the one that landed Brant Remenda from Nipawin.  He's been at an all-star level since his very first game here.

Yorkton hosts game two tomorrow (Saturday) night and can really take a firm grasp on the series with another win.

Kindersley hasn't had to face much adversity since the middle of December and I'm curious to see how they respond.  I liked their second period tonight after falling behind 2-0 in period one, but Remenda got a weak one late in the middle frame to make it 3-1 and then just a few moments later it was Clarke Breitkreuz and Robbie Ciolfi teaming up on an odd man rush to make it 4-1 after two and the rout was on.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

STACKHOUSE SOAPBOX (Yorkton This Week Mar 16)

I’m often asked if I have any more information about the Dairy Queen situation on Broadway Street, and after a brief discussion with Mark Butchko over the weekend, I can tell you that construction is slated to begin within two weeks of the tender being awarded, which is April 6th.  Butchko expects the store to be open within six to seven months from when the first shovel goes into the ground.

Meanwhile, there are two other restaurants that are expected to make Yorkton home in the near future.  One that has had contracts signed is for a Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse and Bar franchise, which will be located in a highly visible area of the city.  The exact location is one I cannot reveal at the moment, but you can expect signs to go up advertising the future spot very shortly.  Mr. Mike’s is a franchise very prevalent in British Columbia and certain parts of western Alberta.  From talking to one of the six investors, I am forming my own opinion that Mr. Mike’s will fall somewhere between a Montana’s and a Keg.  The investors are very excited about this venture and will start advertising in local media almost immediately, so be watching this newspaper in future weeks for a nice big ad.  This restaurant should be a welcomed addition in Yorkton and the market is certainly big enough that there should be room for the existing eateries and maybe a couple more.

Upon telling a few friends about the Mr. Mike’s venture, I was directed to the Smokin’ Okies website on Friday night.  There is a franchise page where it, plainly, states that they are expanding into Yorkton.  Aside from that, I have no other information on this one.  

Quality customer service is something we should all expect, unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough.  So, when we receive treatment from a worker who goes above and beyond the usual call of duty we tend to be, pleasantly, surprised.  Therefore, it’s worth noting a teenager named Nathan at the Yorkton Canadian Tire store deserves some recognition for his work with my wife on Sunday.  She purchased seven large shelving units and he was excellent to deal with.

The tsunami that occured in Japan last week is devastating.  It’s effect will be more than the 9-11 tragedy and more than Hurricane Katrina.  As of Sunday night, the death toll is probably going to be so high that you can take the entire city of Yorkton and wipe it off the map.  Think about that.  In a split second, you and everyone you know in your city could have been dead as a result of a natural catastrophe.  All of a sudden, the July 1, 2010 flood doesn’t seem so bad and neither does the -40 temperatures we endure from time to time.

The National Hockey League is under fire from fans, sponsors, and media people for its blind eye on violence.  It’s interesting to note, however, that NHLPA official Mathieu Schneider says a recent survey of players indicates they don’t think the game is any more violent today than it was half a dozen years ago.  To that end, I say watch with viewer discretion and if these guys wish to kill themselves then so be it.  

I had to laugh at the notion Air Canada and Via Rail have a social conscience when it comes to their sponsorship dollars as both have, openly, called out the NHL to take a more hard line stance on violence.  Of course, both of these companies are based in Quebec and have specific ties to the Montreal Canadiens.  Had Max Pacioretty been a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets, I don’t think we would have heard from those model corporate citizens.

I haven’t heard from any SJHL fans lately, who claimed the Yorkton Terriers weren’t built for the playoffs.  Of course, the Terriers dusted off the Estevan Bruins in four straight games and will play the Kindersley Klippers for the right to move on to the Credit Union Cup finals.  I thought Estevan would put up more of a fight, but they just didn’t have the character.  There’s a lot of work to be done there before we see them in the upper echelon again.  Meanwhile, it looks like Devin Peters is back and maybe there will be enough time for Blaine Tendler to get ready.  If that’s the case, I’m picking the Terriers to beat the Klippers, who maybe should be favored based on a superior record from the middle of December until now.

Nice person mentions this week to Jamie Fiesel (again), Darcy Gettel, John Axford, Jonathan Robert, and Sarah Auckland.



You have to love the internet.  Just a few years ago, fans wouldn't be able to pass their own judgement because the video wouldn't be so widely available.

For what it's worth, I'm tired of the violence in hockey.  I'm not really talking about junior hockey, but rather the National Hockey League.  I think the major junior ranks and the Junior 'A' leagues are doing a good job at trying to outlaw dangerous hits.

I don't usually applaud the MJHL for taking a stand because I see their league as being a follower more than a leader; but this time they are right on the mark and full credit to Kim Davis (Commissioner) on this one.

Anybody that says Jesse Enns should not get 40 games is simply comparing this hit to NHL hits that have resulted in far fewer games as far as suspensions go.  The fact is this:  the NHL is way too lenient in handing down these types of penalties and the Enns suspension is the one that should be followed as a benchmark or precedent.

More and more the NHL is losing me as a fan.  If not for fantasy drafts, which I enter as a social activity to stay connected with friends, I wouldn't pay any attention to the NHL whatsoever.  If I wanted to see the blindside hits, checking from behind, and guys smashing into the turnbuckle, I would watch the MMA (I don't), WWE (I don't), or Roller Derby (I don't).

Some fans will say the players know what they are getting into, so why are we trying to change the fabric of the game and make it more like figure skating?  Well, because some of us actually like hockey for skating, shooting, scoring, big saves, and hard hits to the body that don't result in brain injuries.

Swan Valley's assistant coach got a 22 game suspension, which may or may not be warranted.  I can't tell from the video who started it; but here's what I do know:  as a coach you have to show an example as to how you want your players to behave.  If you are engaging in fisticuffs with an opposing coach, that sends a message.  And, it's not a positive one.  I am in the process of taking my NCCP Baseball coaching online module and believe more than ever from what I am learning that players will take on the reflection of their coach.  If you are a coach that can't control himself, there is a very likely chance your players will be highly undisciplined.

Again, I'll use an SJHL example of that:  Notre Dame was the least penalized team in the league this year.  I don't know Kevin White personally, but I suspect he is a classy individual with a great deal of professionalism and is in control of his emotions.  I know for a fact the coach of the second least penalized team in the league has these characteristics:  Trent Cassan of the Yorkton Terriers.  Dean Brockman and the Humboldt Broncos were the third least penalized team.  Do you see a pattern?

I realize I am in the minority when it comes to this stance and that's why the NHL has done precious little in the way of curbing this behaviour from players.  Nevertheless, it's my opinion anyway!

And, full marks to the Manitoba Junior Hockey League for this stiff penalty.  Be warned MJHL players and coaches:  if you want to step outside the bounds of a regular hockey game, you now see what the repercussions will be.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Both the Crown and Defense have asked for a life sentence.  Meanwhile, Judge Ron Mills hasn't decided whether to accept the joint recommendation or go ahead with a dangerous offender hearing whereby the accused could be released into the community under supervision after a definite incarceration term.


Sunday, March 13, 2011



The Ice Wolves took care of Flin Flon in five games and have proven themselves to be much more than a one-line team. Sure, Travis Eggum and Marc-Andre Carre still had real good success, even in light of the injury to Doug Lindensmith.  But, Lance Herauf stepped up and produced 13-points in 5-games and Justin Ducharme tied for the team lead in goals with four.  Rhyse Dieno also contributed 7-points in the Flin Flon series.

Melfort struggled a bit with the Humboldt Broncos and that really isn't all that surprising as the Mustangs are a team that has not had a lot of postseason success.  So, they've had to 'learn' to win and maybe they'll adapt to various conditions as they were 3-1 winners over the Broncos in game five and then were 2-1 victors in game six.  It's not classic Melfort hockey, but they found a way to do it outside their comfort zone.

The Mustangs are likely going to direct more pucks at Adam Bartko than the Bombers did.  Meanwhile, Charles Corsi has been, as advertised, limiting the Broncos to well under two goals a game.  Needless to say, La Ronge brings much more firepower than Humboldt.



Ravaged by injuries, the Terriers figured to have their hands full against an Estevan team that weathered the storm against Melville and posed as a formidable foe as far as looking at their roster of talent.  Instead, Yorkton dominated them and won in four straight games, barely working up a sweat despite using back-up goalie Warren Shymko in three of the four games, playing without Justin Buzzeo for a couple, and waiting on Blaine Tendler, who has been out for quite some time with a lower body injury.

Kindersley also dominated their conference semi-final series, even though Weyburn managed to get a win.  The Klippers blew out the Wings in game two in what really was the turning point of the series.  They showed they can play with a chip on their shoulder and also win when not everything is going well.  The Wings scored on the powerplay frequently while the Klippers really didn't settle into their own groove with the man advantage.  It's been smooth sailing for these guys since mid-December with very little adversity.

Yorkton won in four straight and made it look easy against Estevan.  It won't be easy against Kindersley; but you have to wonder if the Terriers still haven't ratcheted it up.  There are a number of forwards who haven't had a bust-out game yet and with Devin Peters back in the cage, you should expect that when everyone else has an off-night, he'll be there to bail them out.  All of Kindersley's top players are firing.  My only question with them will be on how they would respond to being down in a series early, say 2-games-to-none or 2-games-to-1.  Do they have the moxy if put in this kind of a position?


Friday, March 11, 2011


Full credit to Dana Rathgeber, who I work with at Source Embroidery for finding this:

If that's the case, then by the end of the calendar year; Yorkton and area residents are going to have a few more options to choose from when they decide to eat out.

If you've had a chance to check out the Smokin' Okies in Regina, please comment and let us know about your experience.  The menu on the website looks very enticing.


I just happened to have two conversations with two different people involved in the restaurant industry today and here is an update on one and a complete brand new scoop on another:

Mark Butchko has confirmed the blue prints have been submitted for the new Dairy Queen Grill & Chill on Broadway with a deadline of April 6th for the tendering process.  It's expected ground will break on April 15th or 16th and the construction process is slated to last between six and seven months provided things go as planned.

Meanwhile, the city of Yorkton is about to get a much needed family restaurant as the area has certainly grown to the point where there is likely room in the market for an established franchise of the sort.  By October, we should expect to see some work in a very visible part of our city (I cannot release the actual location at this time) for a Mr. Mikes Steakhouse and Bar.  The franchise is fairly prominent in British Columbia and is undergoing an expansion of sorts.  The Yorkton location will be a first for Saskatchewan, although it wouldn't be shocking to see as many as half a dozen more in the next five years.  Mr. Mikes is a family restaurant where, I would say, the quality falls somewhere between Montana's and The Keg.  Former National Hockey League goaltender Bill Ranford owns a number of these in BC.  Six local people have invested in this restaurant with a seventh serving as Owner/Operator.  It will have a lounge for those wishing to go for appetizers and maybe check out a game on the big screen.  Here's the website:

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Let me start off by saying we'll see worse hits this week that won't make TSN Sportscentre than the one that Trevor Gillies put on Cal Clutterbuck last week.  Clutterbuck, by the way, should have also got ten games for his hit that caused Gillies to come barrelling in for retribution.

Still, a lot of the hockey experts out there are wondering why Gillies is on an NHL roster because 'he can't play'.  Well, they are right.  Gillies can't play.  He never scored more than 6 goals in major junior.  Still, that didn't stop Brian Burke from giving him his first big break with Anaheim in 2006.  That's right.  Brian Burke.  The same guy that offered a tryout to Michael Liambas this past Fall.  Maybe Burke should be suspended.  Burke is also the guy that thinks Jay Rosehill is a serviceable NHL player.  Rosehill had 16-points in 42-games in the AJHL with Olds in his final season.  Maybe Rosehill is just a dominant defensive defenseman?  If that's the case, maybe Burke should come watch TJ Wees of the Weyburn Red Wings.

Before you point out that not all players who make the NHL are goal scorers, keep in mind that some of the other players in the NHL that have a 'role' to play were actually good major junior performers.  Matt Cooke put up over 90 points one year in the OHL.  Matthew Barnaby once scored a two points per game pace in the QMJHL and even registered over 40 points one year with the Buffalo Sabres.  Daniel Carcillo scored 30 goals with the Sarnia Sting. 

To me, if you are playing 3-4 minutes a night in major junior as a pugilist then there should be no reason whatsoever for a National Hockey League team to look at you.  Instead of scouting Steve MacIntyre, why not spend the money and evaluate a guy like Travis Eggum, who came close to scoring 60 goals in the SJHL?  Maybe Eggum could become a Dustin Penner type.  Or, maybe Eggum tops out as the type of player he was for the first two years in his SJHL career, which was a hard working third line type who could contribute the odd goal and be a player who is tough to play against, while honoring the rules of the game.  Imagine that.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


La Ronge vs. Flin Flon
I fully expected the Bombers to assert themselves physically in game one and get blown out in doing so, looking at the big picture which could mean a little more room later in the series and lowering the confidence of the Ice Wolves' superstars.  Well, the Bombers got blown out, but it doesn't look like they forced the issue physically.  The Ice Wolves outshot Flin Flon badly in both games this weekend and I don't care how good PJ Musico is, the Bombers have to get the shots against under 50!  For those that say the Ice Wolves are a one-line team, look no further than Rhyse Dieno and Justin Ducharme, who sparked La Ronge in games one and two.

Melfort vs. Humboldt
A lot of people wrote the Broncos off after moving out their 20-year-olds back in January; but they finished the regular season strong and their coaching staff is very savvy.  They grinded out a 2-1 win against Melfort in game one and I wonder how the Mustangs will respond to playing a series such as this in which they are up against a team that knows they can't compete with on paper, so the Broncos resort to clogging things up and waiting for opportunities.  I've maintained Melfort's toughest series is going to be their first one.  They don't have much playoff success to draw on, so if they can pass this test then I think we are looking at a team that will do some good things moving forward.

Yorkton vs. Estevan
The Bruins were lucky they weren't swept by the Millionaires in the Survivor Series.  It's unusual for a team to not lose in regulation over an entire series and still lose the series.  Still, the Bruins hung around and started to play better the deeper the series went and I maintain that if they play to their fullest capability they will be a handful for the injury riddled Terriers.  The first half of the game tonight, they looked like a team that wished they had been beat by the Mils.  For the second half of the game, they appeared to send a message that they will not go gently into that good night.  Which team shows up on Monday?  Your guess is as good as mine.  For the most part, the Terriers were very impressive and if they can go deep enough to get some of their players back, then look out.

Kindersley vs. Weyburn
The Klippers are up 2-games-to-none and this series could end quickly if the Red Wings don't regroup after tonight's beating.  Nine different players already have goals in the series for Kindersley and they've pummeled Mitch Kilgore and Riley Hengen with over 100 shots.  The Wings are Humboldt South.  They have to find a way to keep the Klippers' offensive chances to a minimum and then capitalize on the mistakes.  If they can't suck Kindersley into playing a dull, boring defensive game then I think they are in a lot of trouble.  The more goals that are scored, the better it is for the Klippers and that was evident tonight.


Just came back from watching the Yorkton Terriers double the Estevan Bruins 4-2 in game one of the Sherwood Conference semi-final series.

Both starting goalies were surprises tonight as Shea Cooper got the nod for Estevan and Warren Shymko for Yorkton.  Cooper played in the marathon triple overtime game against Melville in the Survivor Series, but Joel Danyluk had been in the net for the other four and it was assumed Danyluk would also start this series against his former team, a club he helped beat in last year's Credit Union Cup final.  Shymko had received a lion's share of the work for the Terriers down the stretch, but that was only because Devin Peters was injured.  Peters dressed as Shymko's back-up this evening.

Yorkton got off to a monstrous start.  They outshot Estevan 17-3 and were up 3-0 after one.  If not for the exploits of Cooper, it easily could have been 5-0 or 6-0.  

In the two games i witnessed first hand in the Melville series, I thought the Bruins were a little dopey to start each game, but by the end of the third period they had emerged as a very formidable opponent.  It was no different tonight.  A very slow start, followed by a gift in the second period in the form of a four minute long 5-on-3 powerplay seemed to bring them to life.  They got one goal and then added another in the third by Jonathan Ceci.  Zak Majkowski potted an empty netter to erase any thoughts of overtime.

Yorkton played without offensive star Justin Buzzeo and SJHL Defenseman Of The Year Blaine Tendler, who are still on the shelf with injuries.  That's, arguably, the team's top two players out of the line-up.  And, who knows what the real status of Peters is.  Shymko hasn't given the club any reason to doubt him, so maybe they decided to just keep riding the goalie that has been more active.  The way they played for most of tonight, it would be difficult envisioning this team losing if icing a full strength roster.  Kelly Leismeister is also out and with Tendler already missing, his absence was noticeable too.

The Bruins welcomed back Lucas Stubel in game four of the Melville series after he missed over a month.  Their main scratches tonight were Ryan Ostertag and Justin Waskewitch.

Friday, March 4, 2011


An official bid for hosting rights to the 2012 World Junior 'A' Challenge has been submitted by a group in Brandon, Manitoba.

Bid Chairman Darryl Wolski says the hub will be the Keystone Centre in Brandon; but MJHL centres in Portage and Dauphin would receive two games each.

Wolski says the venue, the Keystone Centre, has taken measures in the last two years to make itself a world class building; with the main ice surface (Westman Communications Place) having a seating capacity of 5500.

Brandon hosted the Memorial Cup in 2010 and has also hosted marquee events such as the first ever Men's and Women's Olympic Curling Trials in 1997.  They were a satellite host city for the World Junior Hockey Championships in 1999.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stackhouse Soapbox (Yorkton This Week March 3)

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Baby left in closet at Saskatoon hospital - Saskatchewan - CBC News

What a bizarre country we live in.

Two nurses put a crying baby in a closet and are fired.

The nurses appeal the decision and win as arbitrators and the Court of Queens Bench say firing the nurses is too harsh.

I wonder if the arbitrator felt putting the crying baby in a closet was especially harsh?

I chuckle when I see the CBC has closed this story to commenting. The reason being is that 99% of us likely feel a firing is exactly what should have happened and the Saskatoon Health Region made the correct decision.

Suspensions are for things like 'late for work'.

Nurses Elise Reban and Erica McCullock are due back to work at Royal University Hospital very soon. They'll be in the pediatrics ward. Hopefully you or a loved one isn't planning on having a baby at this hospital.

Once again, tax dollars for healthcare hard at work.