Thursday, December 15, 2011


The Saskatchewan Roughriders hired Corey Chamblin, most recently Hamilton's Defensive Co-ordinator, as their new head coach today.

This shouldn't come as a big surprise as Chamblin was General Manager Brendan Taman's first choice to coach the team last year before being overruled by Ken Miller to bring in Greg Marshall. I'm willing to give Taman the benefit of the doubt here. If Chamblin turns out to be a good hire, then it's another indictment on how unqualified Miller was to be anything other than a coach. If Chamblin turns out to be a bad hire, then get ready for more mediocrity from the CFL's richest franchise.

Am I the only one thinking that perhaps Edmonton GM Eric Tillman is planning to use some of his salary cap savings from the Ricky Ray trade on Saskatchewan receiver Andy Fantuz? Still, I can't help but wonder if Tillman has been busy reading some of his press clippings in the Leader-Post and maybe thinks he's so smart that he can just dump a guy like Ray and still stock the Eskimo roster with players good enough that they can go to the Grey Cup. Tillman points out that he dealt Kerry Joseph after the Grey Cup win in 2007 and that allowed Darian Durant to emerge. What he forgets is that the Riders got desperate and made a trade for Michael Bishop because most of 2008 was a year without competent play at quarterback. I expect Edmonton to take a step back in 2012 and Saskatchewan should take advantage.


If you are wondering why hockey players are boring interview subjects, look no further than what the media did to a playful radio bit Chicago Blackhawk forward David Bolland did with WGN earlier this week. Bolland, obviously in good natured humour, made fun of the city of Vancouver as well as Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Well, the Toronto sports channels decided to make this a national incident and was able to solicit disparaging comments from a number of members of the Canucks. It's not worth being colorful when something gets blown out of proportion like this. Realistically, there was no reason for anyone outside the Chicago market to even hear that exchange between Bolland and the announcers on WGN.


Derek Jeter's lovelife is in the news. Apparently, it's commonplace for Jeter to keep a woman overnight and then send her on her way in a limo with a parting gift package consisting of Jeter memorabilia. Again, the media makes a big deal out of this and suggests he's degrading women. The reality is that most men would get a kick out of a Kaley Cuoco gift pack if the situation involved a female celebrity sleeping around with random guys. The women that get involved for a few hours with Jeter aren't under any illusions. They know they are not going to be the next Mrs Jeter.

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