Sunday, February 27, 2011


It seems no lead is safe when you play the Melville Millionaires, which is all the more remarkable a comment to make when you consider they really don't have an offensively dynamic team.

This is a club that just works, works, and works some more.

I felt their goose was cooked after the first period last night when they were down 3-1 despite giving up just six shots on goal.

I can't tell you how many times I've, mentally, written off this team in the middle of a game only to discover at the end of the night that the Mils either come from behind to win or else make it extremely interesting.

I don't know if they are going to win their series with Estevan or not.  I still feel the goalies give up too many soft goals and that's their weakness, as a team.  But, the determination showed by players like Michael Rogoschewsky (that was an incredible effort last night), Lucas Froese, Craig Karius, Andre Parker (the best I've seen him play was last night), and Derek Wasylyshen is admirable.

As far as the goalies are concerned, Zach Rakochy had a rough game one and Alex Sirard didn't look good to start game two, but he settled in after a rough first period.  Granted, Estevan's chances through periods two and three were not plentiful or particularly challenging.  But, if Sirard and/or Rakochy can simply prevent the weak ones from going in, then the Mils could be trouble tomorrow night in Estevan.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Craig Stein deserves a ton of credit for spearheading this.  It's very interesting if you follow the SJHL on a regular basis.

I'm not afraid to show my own votes, so here they are:



1)  Travis Eggum, La Ronge
2)  Jeremy Boyer, Yorkton
3)  Blake Tatchell, Battlefords
**I left Carre off, but maybe shouldn't have.  I'm hoping he has a huge playoff and then I'll put him in the top three.

2-Way Forward
1)  Doug Lindensmith, La Ronge
2)  Brock Appleyard, Weyburn
3)  Adam Wihak, Melfort
**Again, I'm going off playoffs from last year a little bit.  Lindensmith, to me, is the most complete forward in the league right now.  I've been very impressed with Appleyard this year and Wihak has just gotten better and better.  After seeing the results, Fox would have been a good choice too and Souchotte is definitely an upper echelon defensive player in my book.

Best Shot
1)  Jeremy Boyer, Yorkton
2)  Drew George, Weyburn
3)  Marc-Andre Carre, La Ronge
**I honestly went at this question a little blind and simply recalled some of the better goals I've seen this year.  

1)  Justin Buzzeo, Yorkton
2)  Johnny Calkins, Kindersley
3)  Sanfred King, Kindersley
**I voted for these three, but you can't argue with the poll results either.

Offensive Defenseman
1)  Josh Roach, Humboldt
2)   Brody Luhning, Battlefords
3)  Kurt Leedahl, Kindersley
**I'm surprised Luhning did as well as he did in the overall poll.  Clearly, broadcasters have taken notice how good he is.  

Stay-at-Home Defenseman
1)  Craig Karius, Melville
2)  Sean Flanagan, Kindersley
3)  Lee Christensen, Melfort
**Sonntag and Howden are good choice.  Honestly, I didn't see enough of Notre Dame this year.  Sonntag is a player I actually forgot about.  He would have made my top three too!

1)  Russell Abbott, Notre Dame
2)   Charles Corsi, Melfort
3)  PJ Musico, Flin Flon
**To me, this was the easiest question asked.

1) Eli Lichtenwald, Nipawin
2) Jesse Ross, Weyburn
3) Roger Tagoona, Melville
**Tagoona didn't make the final grade overall, but I gave him extra points (as I did Lichtenwald) for playing on a team that's really void of a high profile offensive veteran.  Tagoona has also gotten better since Metz and Hanson were traded.

If You Could Take Any 3 Players in a Shootout
1) Justin Hollinger, Melville
2) Marc-Andre Carre, La Ronge
3) Robbie Ciolfi, Yorkton
**Just a shot in the dark for me on this vote.  Hollinger has got some decent shootout moves and Ciolfi is a very dangerous shorthanded player.  So, I figure he's good on breakaways.  Carre is so gifted.

Best Scrapper
1) Tyler Mah, Flin Flon
2) Brant Remenda, Yorkton
3) Andre Parker, Melville
**Tony Oak is an obvious choice, but can you believe I've never actually witnessed him fight?  Mah is a player to watch.  Remenda fought Cody Zubko last year and it takes a special breed to do that.  Parker has the bloodlines.

Agitator/Toughest to Play Against
1) Lucas Ulmer, Weyburn
2) Taylor Johnson, Humboldt
3) Dillan McCombie, Flin Flon
**To get a real accurate measuring stick with this, you'd probably have to ask the players.  These three guys aren't afraid to get greasy.  Duzan definitely should have made my list.

Most Underrated Player
1) Adam Bartko, La Ronge
2) Corey Tyrell, Flin Flon
3) Cole Gibson, Battlefords
**This could have gone to just about anyone.  I picked Bartko because everyone seems to think goaltending is a chink in the La Ronge armor and yet the numbers and his play suggests otherwise.  The Bombers don't play well when Tyrell isn't in the line-up.  Gibson has been on almost half of the teams in this league and he does nothing but score for all of them.  Duzan is an excellent choice here as well.  

Coach of the Year
1)  Rockie Zinger, Kindersley
2)  Trent Cassan, Yorkton
3)  Dean Brockman, Humboldt
**Zinger didn't make the final top three in the league wide poll.  I suspect broadcasters didn't vote for him because he's only coached half of the year.  That isn't a factor for me.  


Easiest Coach To Interview
1)  Jamie Fiesel, Melville
2)  Darrell Mann, Melfort
3)  Mike Reagan, Flin Flon
**There is no such thing as a hard interview when it comes to a coach in this league.

Most Quotable Coach1)  Jamie Fiesel, Melville
2)  Jamie Fiesel, Melville
3) Jamie Fiesel, Melville
Honorable mention to Karry Biette and Don Chesney, but they weren't eligible!

Favourite Rink To Broadcast From1) Weyburn
2) Melfort
3) Kindersley
**There is a ton of room in Weyburn.  You don't have to leave the booth the entire game.  There are even washrooms up there.

Least Favourite Rink To Broadcast From1) Notre Dame
2) Yorkton
3) Estevan
**Yorkton may surprise some, but I can never see the shot clock!

Loudest Rink1) Flin Flon
2) Weyburn
3) La Ronge
**The other 9 rinks should make it their mission to try and make the top three next year.

Best Rink Food/Coffee1) Yorkton (if steak night counts)
2) Weyburn
3) Melville
**Weyburn did very well with food/arena/city votes.

Favourite Out-of-Town City to Visit1) Flin Flon
2) Melville
3) Weyburn
**I love Flin Flon, I just wish it didn't take so darn long to get there!

Favourite Hotel to Stay at1) Victoria Inn (Flin Flon)
2) Golden Eagle (Casino) (Battlefords)
3) Sandman (Saskatoon)
**David Brooks is a good guy and deserves to have his hotel on the list!

Favourite Restaurant For Pre or Post Game Meals1) BMO Curling Lounge - Yorkton
2) Boston Pizza - Battlefords
3) Tim Horton's - Melfort


Who represents each Conference in the Credit Union Cup Final
Bauer:  La Ronge

Sherwood:  Kindersley

Thursday, February 24, 2011


One case in Thompson, Manitoba is generating a lot of interest.  It surrounds a man who was given a conditional sentence (no jail time) despite being found guilty of rape.  The judge in the case said the victim was 'inviting' and that 'sex was in the air'.  It should be noted the Crown was seeking three years in a federal penitentiary.  The woman was dressed in a tube top, no bra, high heels, and plenty of make-up.  There are experts that are saying the judge is blaming the victim.  True, a woman is not 'asking to be raped' based on her choice of dress.  But, a choice of dress does send a message and what was the message here?

According to Winnipeg Free Press Crime Reporter Mike McIntyre, the judge said the woman and her friend made their intentions publicly known they wanted to party.  The women spoke of going swimming in a nearby lake 'notwithstanding the fact neither of them had a bathing suit'.  The four (the assailant was with another man) left the parking lot and headed into the woods.  The accused made sexual advances towards the victim and was rejected at first, but the victim did later return his kisses.  Once they were alone, he forced himself on her.

I must say the man is guilty and I don't know what the appropriate penalty should be, but it should be less than if a woman was grabbed randomly off the street and raped by a man.

Here's the link to the story:

Another case in Winnipeg doesn't pass the smell test for me.  Two police officers were acquitted of perjury when the Crown Prosecutor failed to establish the identity of the two accused.  The Defense says it's Prosecution 101.  So, was the Crown really that incompetent that he couldn't have asked even one witness to single out the accused in open court?  Or, is this a window of opportunity left open, on purpose, for the police officers to be let off the hook.  Upon further review of the case, the two officers uncovered a major drug find at a Winnipeg hotel; but they may have made the discovery illegally.  It's one of those common sense things whereby I ask the question:  'Did the hotel room have drugs?'  The answer was 'yes' and therefore, I'm not really all that concerned with how the police officers were able to get the information.  People can talk all they want about 'rights', but I'm not worried about it.  If police officers ever wanted to violate my rights to see if I have drugs at my house, then my door is wide open.  Most people that complain about rights violations are ones that have something to hide.  If police officers showed up once a week for the next month to see if I have drugs, then I think I would be free to prosecute a harassment case.  Here's more on this one:

STACKHOUSE SOAPBOX (Yorkton This Week Feb 23)

Further explaining health visit | Columnists | Yorkton This Week, Yorkton, SK

Monday, February 21, 2011


Estevan Bruins vs. Melville Millionaires

Joel Danyluk, if healthy, gives the Bruins a goalie with championship pedigree.  He was the difference in last year's final with La Ronge and also gave the Ice Wolves excellent netminding in the RBC Cup, finally succumbing to a knee injury.  Danyluk's numbers down the stretch indicate he's heating up for something special (2.81, .922).  Shea Cooper backs him up.

Zach Rakochy has become a 17-year-old workhorse and his play has greatly improved from a year ago.  He was the second-busiest goalie in the league from January 10th onward.  Still, he's prone to the odd bad goal and doesn't have a veteran team in front of him.  Alex Sirard backs him up.

Joel Kot has dealt with injuries in the second half, but if he can play effectively he gives the Bruins a number one defenseman with championship experience (Dauphin).  Tyler Spencer and Ty Ariss are very competent, while Dominic Perrault, Lucas Stubel, and Brett Rock provide excellent depth.  

There is no such thing as a number one defenseman on Melville.  In fact, they'll use five forwards on the powerplay with a great deal of regularity.  You may see Justin Hollinger suit up on defense, but he'll also be a regular up front.  Craig Karius is the shut-down guy that will play in key defensive situations.  Jordan Paddock is the future of this unit.

There shouldn't be a shortage of scoring when you look down the list and see Jonathan Ceci, Dylan Smith, Troy Hunter, Ryan Andersen, Ben Findlay, Calder Neufeld, Chris Daniels, and Mark Cross.  I just listed eight guys, so how come this team ended up in fourth place?

Rookie Roger Tagoona has taken over as the teams' best all-around player and Lucas Froese is the new captain and should continue in that role for two years beyond.  Head coach Jamie Fiesel will be hoping the experience will be beneficial for other players expected to be key next year, such as Mark Owen and Michael Sagen.  Nobody averaged a point per game after January 10th, although Michael Rogoschewsky (19-7-8-15) stepped things up in the wake of the trades of Brayden Metz and Cody Hanson.

Battlefords North Stars vs. Flin Flon Bombers

Ken Pearson hasn't been afraid to platoon Kyle Birch and Graham Hildebrand and there is every reason to think both will see action in the playoffs.  Birch has been the better netminder as of late (5-5 ,3.39, .910 since January 10th).  Still, Hildebrand got hot after being installed midway through the first round last year, so he has experience as well.

The most important player to any team in the playoffs is PJ Musico.  The Bombers don't have the horses to go with the top teams in the league, but if Musico gets hot, they are in excellent position to play spoiler.  Despite a 3.47-GAA after January 10th, Musico still posted a .914-SPCT during that time frame.  Randy Graham backs him up.

There is a lot of offensive potential on the back end for the Stars, so even if Cris Neurauter is rendered ineffective at some point, the Stars can always go to the likes of Brody Luhning, Cody Folstad, and Woody Klassen.  The test will be helping Birch and/or Hildebrand keep pucks out of their own net.

Without much fanfare, 17-year-old Tanner Clark stepped into the line-up after a January 10th trade from Humboldt and provided instant offense (18-2-9-11).  Tanner Korchinski is also playing the best hockey of his career (17-1-14-15).  Tyler Mah has stepped up to become a real presense physically.  Still, this group isn't deep and the powerplay has struggled mightily at times.

Battlefords will get their offense, pretty much exclusively, from six players:  Colin Phaneuf, Keith Grondin, Blake Tatchell, Kyle Hall, Cole Gibson, and Braeden Johnson.  Tatchell showed last year that he has an extra gear come playoff time and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him really come to the forefront if the Stars have success and go deep.  Tony Oak's presence gives every one else an extra inch and ten extra pounds while they are on the ice!

The Bombers, in years past, have had great regular seasons but sputtered come playoff time.  They have three guys from last year's disappointment that will be looking for redemption in Ryan Fox, Deven Stillar, and Andrew Johnston.  Their willingness to fight for their chances, which are not nearly as easy to come by in the playoffs, may be the difference.  The one thing they do have this year that they were missing in years' past are energy players like Dillan McCombie, Jesse Mychan, and Corey Tyrell.


1-La Ronge Ice Wolves
The Ice Wolves, last year's champions, are also the team to beat in 2011.  Their top line of Travis Eggum, Doug Lindensmith, and Marc-Andre Carre is the best this league has seen in many years.  The game plan against them will be to get physical and also to test Adam Bartko, who deferred to Joel Danyluk at the end of last year's magnificent run.

2-Yorkton Terriers
Last year's runner-ups are also the odds on favorites to get back to the final for the second year in a row, but there are question marks going into the postseason, namely the seriousness of injuries to top defenseman and captain Blaine Tendler as well as goalie Devin Peters.  Justin Buzzeo, Rob Ciolfi, and Zak Majkowski are other key players to miss time down the stretch.  If they aren't healthy, they are very vulnerable.

3-Kindersley Klippers
The Klippers went on a magnificent run from about the middle of December until the end of the regular season.  They have a tremendous amount of offensive skill and Sean Cahill solidified their issues in goal after coming over in a trade.  If it's true that defense wins championships, the blueline is going to get tested in a big way. 

4-Melfort Mustangs
There is a lot to like about this team, but they didn't show well at all in two late regular season meetings with La Ronge.  This group badly needs to win a playoff run so they can gain some confidence.  The offense is deep, the defense is big, and the goaltender (Charles Corsi) may be the best in the league.  

5-Flin Flon Bombers
Okay, this is probably way too high to put the Bombers; but here's how I see Flin Flon at the moment:  they have some of the best goaltending in the league and if they can score against the North Stars, they should come out of that series.  Physically, they match up well against La Ronge.  In short, they will sink or swim on the back of PJ Musico.

6-Humboldt Broncos
They'll play Melfort in their first round playoff series and the Broncos have a much better postseason history than that of their counterparts.  Still, questions remain in goal and this is a team that isn't supposed to win until next year.

7-Battlefords North Stars
The Stars-Bombers series should be one of the best 4th vs 5th series that we've seen in quite some time, maybe ever.  The Stars have had a goals-against issue all season long.  They've got enough talent on the roster to strike fear into some of the teams above them, but if they play La Ronge in the next round you can expect it to be a real track meet in order for the Stars to compete.

8-Weyburn Red Wings
The Wings don't have a ton of depth, there isn't a lot of flash on their defense, and their goaltending is steady but not spectacular.  Their overall play has had a lot of peaks and valleys this year.  Do they catch lightning in a bottle?  It would be a major upset for them to beat Kindersley, but the Klippers haven't faced adversity and may be vulnerable if the Wings can grab an early series lead.

9-Estevan Bruins
They are the most frustrating team to watch out of them all.  Loads of talent and year after year you keep looking at their make-up and thinking that maybe, just maybe, this will be their year.  They've got some proven champions on the roster and a clutch goalie (Joel Danyluk) when healthy.  It wouldn't surprise me to see them lose to Melville in three straight.  It also wouldn't surprise me to see them go all the way to the finals.

10-Melville Millionaires
It would surprise me to see these guys go to the final.  They lack offense, their defense is thrown together with underwhelming individuals that seem to play decently as a group, and Zack Rakochy is showing signs of being the elite goaltender he's capable of.  I'll give them a 50-50 chance of beating Estevan and close to no chance of getting by the Terriers.  They limped down the stretch and got into the playoffs only because Notre Dame couldn't win two of their final three.

Friday, February 18, 2011


In an effort to be fair to all involved, I feel it's necessary to publish more of my entire conversation at the pharmacy on Saturday after my visit with Dr. Lee.

In the interests of saving a bit of space in a newspaper article or cutting back on a few words that I have to type, I didn't go into full detail on the conversation at the pharmacy.  While the prescription said for me to take four times a day, the pharmacist said three would be fine if I couldn't tolerate it and she had researched the drug to that affect on Pharmacist's Letter.  Being in a somewhat mad state of mind at the time, I took this to mean 'three times a day' as opposed to 'four, but only take three if not feeling well'.  This doesn't at all change my experience that day or my feeling that the pharmacists at Wal-Mart do a fantastic job.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The guy taking this video has got to be one
cool customer,
either that or he had the
video camera in one hand
and was holding a Smith and Wesson 500 magnum in
the other.

Shhhhhh!  There's A Bear Coming

I thought you might enjoy

The joys of deer hunting
from a tree stand.

If confronted by a bear,
just be cool
and ask the bear a question.

(if you are like me and not very patient, watch the first 10 seconds and then fast forward to about 1:40 or so and then it really starts to pick up)


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Three of the five games in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League tonight feature teams that are going head to head on the ice as well as in the standings.

In Kindersley, the Klippers, second in the Sherwood, will host the Yorkton Terriers, first in the Sherwood.  Yorkton has a six point lead on Kindersley and both teams have four games to play.  A win by the Klippers this evening closes the gap to four points and Yorkton would finish at Humboldt, at Estevan, and home to La Ronge.  It's hardly a walk in the park.  Kindersley finishes home to a Melfort team that has nothing left to play for and then a home and home set with Battlefords.

Estevan is at Weyburn tonight and the Red Wings lead the Bruins by three points in the race for third in the Sherwood.  It's an important position as third place earns a first round bye.  Weyburn scored four in the third last night to defeat the Bruins.  Estevan has a game in hand, so a win tonight could put them in the driver's seat despite being a point back.  The Bruins close out the season with three home games (Yorkton, Notre Dame, Melville).  The Wings are home to Melville and home to Notre Dame to finish the regular schedule.

In Flin Flon, the Bombers will be looking to sweep their weekend set with Battlefords.  This is also going to be a Bauer Conference Survivor Series playoff preview.  Flin Flon has the upper hand for home ice advantage as they lead by a single point; but the Stars have a game in hand.  The two teams meet one more time in North Battleford and the Bombers also do a home and home with Nipawin to end the year.  The Hawks have the worst record in the SJHL and are already eliminated, so Flin Flon is in control here.  The Stars have a home and home against Kindersley.  The Klippers may or may not have a vested interest depending on their outcome tonight versus Yorkton.

Notre Dame plays at Melfort tonight and Melville is home to Nipawin.  The Mils lead the Hounds by two points for the final playoff berth in the Sherwood.  They also have a game in hand.  Melville will play five games in eight days starting on Monday.  The first three are on the road (Notre Dame, Humboldt, Weyburn). They are home to La Ronge and end the year on the road against Estevan.  It's a brutal schedule, so winning tonight against the Hawks as well as on Valentine's Day against the Hounds will be crucial.  The Hounds are also at Weyburn and Estevan and home to Humboldt.


If the Emergency Room in Yorkton is a place where officials are worried about too many people going to see a doctor for non-urgent care, they no longer have to be concerned with me.  I will, gladly, die at home before I ever go there again.

Last Spring, I had a real sharp pain on the big toe of my left foot that lasted for about four days.  I’m not one to run to the doctor for every little thing, so I chalked it up to a new pair of shoes and simply bought a different pair and when the problem, pretty much, went away I didn’t give it any more thought.  Sure, I noticed that I had occasional discomfort from time to time over the last few months; but again, I didn’t feel as though I needed to clog up an ER or even my own family doctor’s office.  (I also have to admit, I didn’t throw out the suspected shoes and actually wore them from time to be the shoes, right?).

A couple of days ago, I got sore again.  It was to the point that I couldn’t sleep and even putting a blanket over my toe caused a real sharp pain.  Last night, I was doing a hockey broadcast in Melfort and throughout the game, my left foot felt like it was about a thousand degrees and I was dreading walking down the stairs from the press box!  I got home around 1:30am and knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but also figured there was no point in going to ER at that hour as I can’t imagine a doctor would be thrilled to see me at that time and, realistically, there isn’t anything that can happen at that time of night that would be different if I simply wait until morning.

So, after everyone else got up this morning, I decided to go to ER.  I was met at Admitting by a real nice woman who, right away, said, “I think you probably have gout.  That’s really painful, I hope you can find some relief.  Dr. Lee is in today.”

The nurse then took some information and she was very professional.  I waited about 90 minutes in the waiting area (which I’m not complaining about.  I can get my foot ‘comfortable’ if I do certain things, so it’s not like I was enduring pain during the wait).  During my wait, I noticed that a number of other people requiring treatment were also sitting politely awaiting for their name to be called.  Meanwhile, one of the slugs of Yorkton that was accompanied by two police officers, was getting real attentive medical treatment from the staff.  He had, obviously, been involved in a fight with a fellow low-life.  On his way out, he jawed at a couple of people in the waiting area and police escorted him out to the cruiser.  Things started to pick up after he left.

Eventually, my name was called.  I went into a room and Dr. Lee followed me in.  He scolded me that ‘this is an emergency department’ and I needed to see a family doctor.  Nevertheless, despite not looking at my toe other than through a very, very quick passing glance (I removed my sock even though he didn’t request it) he wrote me a prescription and said to take four times a day.  My temperature was taken when I arrived and it was normal.  It definitely spiked (in a road rage kind of way) after that quick visit.  I do not have a history of going to ER.  The only other time I can recall going in my ten years of living in Yorkton was about four or five years ago for strep throat.  I have had strep throat before, so I know exactly what it feels like.  I sat there for 2 ½ hours and opted to simply leave and deal with it for the next week.  It’s not like I’m going to die.

I arrived to the pharmacy at Wal-Mart and the ladies that work there are fantastic.  I know pharmacists get a good wage, but they should be paid more.  She looks at the prescription and asks, “You have a problem with gout?”  I said I didn’t know as the doctor really only saw me for between 60-and-90 seconds (not an exaggeration).  I inquired as to what this medication is because if this pain is something that is simply going to go away in a day or two, I can survive without taking anything.  I feel it’s important to note that I really don’t know what pain is.  I have never had a baby, never passed a kidney stone, never suffered a broken bone, or anything like that.  So, while my foot is sore and I can’t sleep at night, the fact remains I can put up with two or three sleepless nights if this is something that’s going to pass.  If it’s something more serious, then I’d like it looked at  because I certainly don’t want to feel worse than I do now.

The comment that takes the cake for me is that Dr. Lee instructs me to fill out my prescription and take four times a day.  Meanwhile, the pharmacist (who is much more credible to me) insists that it should be no more than three.  

I, usually, don’t give a second thought to anonymous message board posts, but upon viewing the patient comments here:, I see that my own experience is similar to a number of other remarks.

At the end of the day, I won’t ever go to the ER again, willingly, unless it is for my wife and/or kids.  There is zero chance I re-appear there on my own steam.  In addition to my bad experience with Dr. Lee, I witnessed another bad experience with a doctor through my hockey billet last year.  That doctor in question, was also someone that appeared as an accused on two occasions in court!  A third doctor, who no longer practices in Yorkton, was a frequent visitor charged with crime in the criminal justice system.  Thankfully our family doctor, (Philip Fourie) is the best.  He has provided excellent care to my wife and children over the years.  I don’t know what we’d do if he ever left town.  Dr. Spies also gets high marks in my books.  He delivered two of our children and I have nothing but praise for his work and his bedside manner.

In closing, here’s where I see difficulty in the overall system:  It’s possible that by the time I phone Dr. Fourie’s office on Monday that his availability to see patients on that day will already be gone.  It’s also possible he won’t be in the office at all and I’ll have to phone back on Tuesday or Wednesday.  If you believe the rumour mill, it’s also possible Dr. Fourie is on a bit of a leave for personal reasons (congratulations to him!) and his locum didn’t show up.  It’s also possible I’m better by Monday or maybe my foot needs to be amputated by Monday.  I think if my issue isn’t worth seeing at the hospital, a nurse should be in a position to make that call before I sit down to wait and if the call isn’t made, the doctor doesn’t need to make you feel three apples tall when he finally gets around to seeing you.

May your experience be better than mine!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


--Waywayseecappo has gone 9-0-0-and-1 in their last ten and it appears as though they will send the Neepawa Natives to a non-playoff finish.  I will have more to say on the Natives at a later date.  I have watched them with great interest this year.  I wouldn't know their head coach if I walked by him on the street, but I know he generates a lot of emotion from the people around him.  And, the team was built at the start of the season to be a contender for a league championship.  This has to be a crushing way to end the year.

--It was reported by the Swan Valley Star and Times at the start of the season that the OCN Blizzard needed a successful year for a number of reasons.  On the ice, the results are there.  I haven't seen them this year, but it looks like they win with good goaltending and a balanced attack.  They will be very tough come playoff time.

--In a sign of things to come, possibly, the La Ronge Ice Wolves beat Melfort 3-1 last night.  They outshot the Mustangs 55-31.  Melfort, according to the game sheet, got physical towards the end as Cody Hanson took three roughing penalties in the third period alone.  For the benefit of all fans, a Melfort-La Ronge best of seven series in the Bauer Conference final would be a big time treat.

--If I'm Weyburn or Estevan, I'm really cheering for the Melville Millionaires right now.  If Notre Dame is successful at catching the Mils for the fifth and final playoff spot in the Sherwood Conference, I am predicting an upset in the 4th vs. 5th series.  Russell Abbott is that good.

--Yorkton Terriers look to be back in stride.  Come playoff time, it's expected that Robbie Ciolfi, Zak Majkowski, Blaine Tendler, and Devin Peters should all be ready.  A real good team is about to get even better.  As good as a Melfort-La Ronge series would be, a Yorkton-Kindersley rematch of last year's Sherwood Conference final would also be a dandy.


One day before Saskatchewan Hockey Association announces plans for a province wide Bantam 'AA' Hockey League, the Manitoba Hockey Association says they are putting less emphasis on competition for kids under the age of 12. It's come to the point that we are sheltering kids so much so that when they reach adulthood and get into the real world, they are met with such a huge shock, many will be unable to cope.  The competitive spirit of kids should be nurtured.  It's okay to hate losing at a young age.  Almost anyone will tell you that winning is more fun than losing, even if the individual doesn't play as well during a team win as he may play during a team loss.  Anyone who feels differently isn't really a team player.  You play the game for fun, fun is winning.  That's real life.  Young athletes, especially kids, become better at their craft because of their desire to succeed...IE-Win.  Manitoba Hockey has it wrong.  SHA continues to get it right.

Have you seen the You Tube video of a deer getting inside Melville Comp?  Apparently, it was being chased by a couple of dogs and it busted through a window, setting off the alarm.  Eventually, a staff member was able to usher it back out.  I see the video has since been removed from the You Tube site.  So, I'm unable to post the link.  The deer was slipping and sliding on the nicely waxed floor.  It, truly, looked like Bambi.

From the 'How Drunk Were You' file:  A Saskatoon man was hit by a train, but somehow survived.  He, not only, lived, but doesn't remember being hit.  A witness saw the train hit the guy, but police say he did not seem to realize what hit him.  He did, however, indicate he had pain in several parts of his body.

In California, a man is dead after being stabbed by a rooster while attending a cock fight.  You can't make this up.  The bird had a knife attached to one of its limbs.  The sport is illegal in the United States.  Specially bred roosters are put into a ring and encouraged to fight until one is incapacitated or killed.  Deputies arrived to break this event up and people started fleeing.  One of the roosters jumped at the decedent, inflicting some type of injury (to his calf) that caused his death.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


--Kevin Weekes is an extremely poor analyst when it comes to the CBC Hockey Night In Canada late night hockey broadcasts.  Simply, he's worse as a commentator than he was a puckstopper.  His lack of knowledge and preparation was evident during an NHL Network segment where he and Jeremy Roenick interviewed Dustin Byfuglien during NHL All-Star Weekend.  Weekes referred to Byfuglien as a defenseman turned forward this season (the opposite is the case) and then he and Roenick both proceeded to ask Byfuglien a couple of real tasteless questions that you might find a really uneducated white person asking a black man.  Very stereotypical. Roenick asked Byfuglien if he could rap.  Weekes said something along the lines of Byfuglien bringing a little flavour to the weekend.  For his part, Byfuglien handled these two knobs really well.  As far as Weekes is concerned, I'm lost as to what CBC or the NHL Network sees in him.  His broadcast talent is really zero.  I wonder if this is an employment equity situation.

--Fan 590's Greg Brady spent most of Monday's show saying he was 'mortified' for Phil Kessel being the last selection in the All-Star Draft.  I couldn't disagree more.  Kessel is an All-Star.  So, he's last out of 40.  Big deal.  Brady also constantly referred to the terrible feeling we all have as kids when we get a sense of rejection from our peers.  Brady is right.  Most of us have dealt with that.  But, the key here is that Kessel is no kid and he's amongst a group of elite players.  This shouldn't even really be a story, but the media overblew this big time.  It was made out to be such a huge deal, when really it isn't at all.

--I do not like the Toronto Maple Leafs even a little bit, but Bob McCown had Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmour on his program yesterday and if I had any say, I would let Clark take over the entire NHL.  He'd clean up all the cheap shot head hunting stuff in short order and I found myself agreeing with every single thing he said.  Download the podcast from iTunes to hear it for yourself, but Clark's main thought is that the only way to decrease some of these dangerous plays is to reduce equipment.  Since that isn't going to happen, he feels it would take a change in coaching technique at the grassroots level in order to make the game safer.  Clark says in days of less equipment, the game was based on angling and keeping your stick on the ice more than it is today.  He would like to see a return to that philosophy.  Gilmour, for his part, feels coaching players to be creative and proactive on offense would also take some of the blind side hits out of the game.  "I'd much rather win a game 6-3 than 1-0," he says.  It's a real good listen if you have some time.

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