Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I will be back early next week.

We are spending Canada Day at Clear Lake (Wasagaming), Manitoba.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CBC News - Saskatchewan - Sask. gets new finance minister

Daryl Hickie is back in Cabinet after getting removed about a year ago from his post as Corrections Minister.

After high profile escapes, accidental releases, etc.; perhaps Hickie can orchestrate some accidental funding.

All kidding aside, these ministers are hardly responsible for public servant screw ups. But, they take the fall every time.

CBC News - Saskatchewan - Sask. gets new finance minister

Psycho girl forgets her boyfriend is in europe!

It's always important to communicate with one another.  You have to have 8 free minutes in order to watch this and totally get it.


A traffic jam in Yorkton?

You bet.

If you are thinking of travelling in the vicinity of Dracup and Broadway today; make sure you steer clear!

There is some serious construction taking place at the intersection, including what appears to be a clean-up of the vacant lot that used to be a gas station directly across from Tim Horton's.

At one time, I was told Arby's was going up in that spot, but another source indicated the construction was put on hold due to concerns of a labor shortage in Yorkton.

Is Arby's now coming?  Or is it just a clean-up to make the lot more attractive to someone leasing/buying?

While on the topic of restaurants, I would sure like to see the old Harvest Pizza building cleaned up and turned into an Applebee's, Montana's, or Kelsey's style restaurant.  Our city could use something like that, and that's no disrespect to the folks at Yorke House (which I feel is a totally different clientele), Mano's, Melrose Place, etc.


Back to the construction employing a 'flagger' a thing of the past?  It would have been nice to have a traffic director of some sort at that Broadway/Dracup intersection today.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sentencing delayed for ex-Saskatoon doctor Vittala

Sentencing delayed for ex-Saskatoon doctor Vittala

(Years ago, this physician practiced in Yorkton)

VANSTONE: Riders tailback Wes Cates likely to start against Montreal Alouettes

VANSTONE: Riders tailback Wes Cates likely to start against Montreal Alouettes

(Looks like the Hugh Charles Backflip Show will have to wait)

HaleStorm - Its Not You(+ Lyrics)


Since I'm on the Yorkton Harvest Board of Directors, you'll see related information here:
The Yorkton Harvest have announced 2010-11 player commitments from four players.

1993 F Ryley Stefanyshyn (Canora SK) played for the Yorkton Midget AA Terriers last season and finished second in team scoring and eleventh in league scoring with 38-goals and 13-assists in 35-games. His 38 tallies led the South Sask Midget AA Hockey League.

The other three players come from the Yorkton Bantam AA Terriers.

1995 F Tanner Lesann (Yorkton SK) led his team in scoring with 34-goals and 33-assists in 26-games; while 1995 F Adam McCannell (Yorkton SK) finished with 15-goals and 27-assists in 24-games. 1995 F Kailum Gervais (Kamsack SK) dressed as an affiliated player with the Harvest last year on a couple of occasions, and he showed his skill with the Bantam Terriers by collecting 23-goals and 18-assists in 26-games.

Harvest head coach Graham Garrett says the four talented players should all help boost an offense that loses leading scorer Riley Storzuk to the Flin Flon Bombers and his subsequent graduation from the midget ranks.


The recent attempted abducted kidnapping incident in Yorkton is disturbing and troubling.

It’s just so hard to believe that our city may not be safe enough to allow our children to walk a couple of blocks to school. Thankfully, the little girl was able to get away and find help before something really tragic occurred. Meanwhile, this alleged perpetrator is lucky to be still walking/driving around. Somehow he was able to elude authorities, who likely were on the lookout for him in neighbouring communities as well as Yorkton. This should now be a good time to establish with our children, a method of determining whether or not you can trust an adult who approaches you for any reason. There was an incident in Dauphin a few weeks ago whereby the child asked the grown-up for a code word. When the code word wasn’t used, the youngster fled.

Speaking of authorities, it has been brought to my attention that my column a couple of weeks ago that mentioned ‘quotas’ for Yorkton RCMP officers was slightly incorrect from their point of view as management says there is an ‘expectation level’ as opposed to a ‘quota’.

I suppose human nature is to complain when something doesn’t go right, so if you experience the polar opposite, then one needs to offer a tip of the hat when applicable. Last week our Mosquito baseball team was playing a doubleheader and my wife decided to bring slushies for 13 boys and several adults in-between games. The young staff at the Super C went above and beyond the call of duty to help make the purchase an enjoyable one. In this day and age of having to search high and low (as well as far and wide) in order to get good help, I really think it’s important we single out an experience such as this one.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders finish the preseason 0-and-2 after getting thumped in Calgary on Sunday. No reason to hit the panic button as the Riders really haven’t put their play book into effect yet. Remember last year when there was a concern about the defence? Once the regular season started, we saw all kinds of movement and different looks that we never saw during the exhibition. The bottom line is that if John Chick and Stevie Baggs can be replaced adequately, and if Darian Durant continues his ascent toward the top of the CFL quarterback parade, the Riders should be fine.

The Yorkton Terriers held their AGM last week and it was revealed the club has a $90,000 deficit. To this, I say it’s time to start making all tickets game specific. I know this is unpopular with fans, but the reality is that the club is losing money at the gate and the same fans that bemoan such a policy are usually the ones coming for free at the expense of a season ticket holder who has missed a game. I have season tickets to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and I will miss the July 1st home opener. I cannot then go and use that ticket somewhere down the line. The same should be true for Terrier tickets. Folks that wait outside the Gallagher Centre in late February handing out free tickets also need to understand they are taking money out of the team’s pocket by doing that.

The Terriers are also three spots short of filling the Executive. At the end of the day, they will be filled by three people who are far too busy to do it, but feel a sense of community obligation. There are folks out there who have time and are more than capable. To you, I say step up.

Personally, I’m on the Yorkton Harvest Board of Directors this year and I’m hopeful of being a part of a real strong group that can help give this organization a larger community profile. The team will always be second fiddle to the Terriers and that’s fine; but there is no reason why this city can’t strongly support a real good Midget ‘AAA’ program. Game tickets are $6 and most of us would have a hard time getting a fast food meal for that price. Very reasonable entertainment and stay tuned as we are hoping to get a decent fundraiser going that will be enjoyed by sports fans in general, not just Harvest ones.

Nice person mentions this week to David Chorney, Larry Kitchen, Dion Campbell, Dean Brockman, and Debbie Burak


I like to think of myself as being somewhat worldly, in that I can carry on educated conversations about a number of different topics. Sure, I’m likely most knowledgeable about sports, but I have a wide variety of interests.

This past weekend, the G20 was held in Toronto and as I watched news reports on Saturday night about the ‘protesters’ and the ensuing violence and looting, I can’t help but be completely confused. First of all, I wonder if these protesters have any idea what they are advocating. Life in the free world doesn’t get any better so what is it that these people are against? The news reports didn’t help, all they showed were police cars burning, and the Starbucks and Scotia Bank getting windows smashed. Wow, that’s really making a difference. What cowards. The leaders, themselves, are far removed from these protests and don’t see any of it. So, who are these folks making a point to?

The leaders are not totally innocent either. In this day and age of technology, a meeting of this magnitude could probably be done via video conference from their respective offices. Or, it could be held on an army base where you wouldn’t have to spend the money transforming an entire city into a fortress. Or, what about holding the meeting on a posh cruise ship in the middle of the ocean and have the boat circled by the Navy on water and the Air Force in the sky?

Something else I’m confused by: how is it that the Taliban, who are really nothing more than a bunch of bushwhackers can outsmart Canadian and American troops? It’s been years and still we are unable to flush these guys out. Troops would almost have more success just going door to door, conducting interviews and making determinations from that point whether or not the individual is a Taliban or not. I guess it’s a place you have to see to believe, but I can’t help but have this mental picture of us having all the technology, all the heavy duty machinery, and yet still getting blown up on the side of a road in the middle of the desert from who knows what. I mean the Canadians and Americans have set up a modern day base complete with fast food outlets, while the Taliban are hiding behind sand dunes somewhere. And, still we can’t wipe them out!

Sports question of the day: you are running the Boston Bruins and have just drafted Tyler Seguin 2nd overall. You now turn around and put Marc Savard up for trade. You had a team that lost in seven games to the Philadelphia Flyers in the second round of the playoffs, so the club is a contender. The question, then, is this: How does drafting Seguin and dealing Savard make you a better team? In this day and age of salary caps, teams often lose focus. There are no guarantees that you will be good in five years, so take advantage of what you have now and see how far you can get. I like the Bruins if they have Savard, Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, and Seguin up the middle. I don’t like them as much with Savard not in the mix. Oh, but they’ll be good in five years, I guess. You don’t see teams like Detroit, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and San Jose wiping the slate clean every two years so that they can be good in five years. The plan should be to be as good as you can be every year. It can be done.

Further to last week’s column about the Terriers and that they should make their tickets game specific. I think they could really get creative with their ticket packages so that you can minimize the griping. How about offering a Melville package, whereby you can have 5 tickets to each of the games against Melville? Or, how about a six game mini-pack, where you choose at the time of purchase what six games you will attend? You can also have a Bauer Conference package that allows you to go to games against teams from the north that we don’t see on a regular basis. What about a pre-Christmas and a post-Christmas package? All game specific, of course. Again, I suggest the people to make the biggest noise against such changes are those that take advantage of ‘free’ seats in the final games of the season, and that cripples the franchise.

It’s long overdue, but better late than never: nice person shout outs to Kirk and Sheri Weinmaster, Heidi Derbowka, Kelsey Jones, Jason Sheppard, and Dana Rathgeber.