Monday, August 31, 2015


Corey Chamblin is the perfect example on fans exaggerating greatness when it comes to players and coaches who win championships.

Chamblin won a Grey Cup in 2013 as the head coach of a team that, frankly, had they NOT won a Grey Cup would have gone down as one of the bigger failures in CFL history.

His overall body of work as Saskatchewan Roughrider coach is one that says he isn't a good coach.  The Grey Cup should be disregarded.

I've thought a lot about this in recent weeks.

Mad Dog Sports Radio had a debate about Philip Rivers and Eli Manning.  Two quarterbacks drafted and then traded for each other in 2004.  The consensus is that Manning has two Super Bowl rings, so he's a much better player.  Yet, I'd argue that if Rivers was plopped into the same environment Manning had, he'd also have those same two Super Bowl rings.  And, remember that Manning needed two miracle catches in both of those games in order to win.  Manning wanted nothing to do with the San Diego environment at the time of his being drafted and was moved in exchange for Rivers.  I'm not saying Manning isn't a good quarterback.  He is.  But, I think Rivers has been dealt a bad hand in San Diego but has made the best of it.

You could make a similar comparison when it comes to Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck.  Wilson has a Super Bowl and Luck doesn't.  But, if you were starting a team today would you pick Wilson over Luck?  Some of you might because of the ring, but if Luck is in Seattle he has a ring too.  It's environment.

I think when you compare players like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the rings are a very good indicator on who's better.  But, it's not as cut and dry as 'Well he won a Super Bowl, so he's a better player.'

Is Corey Chamblin a better coach than Scott Milanovich?  Go ahead and make that case.

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