Monday, August 31, 2015


I was going to write a post about why Corey Chamblin should be fired; but everybody knows why.

What I'm going to write about today is that if I was Roughrider brass, I'd be investigating with a lawyer as to whether or not there is just cause for his dismissal and, therefore, you don't have to pay him.

I am not willing to suggest Chamblin is as stupid as what the entire country saw yesterday.  He has to be doing this on purpose.  He is, surely, orchestrating his own release.  A release that, so far, isn't forthcoming from Roughrider headquarters.  That, in itself, is as disappointing as watching Chamblin on the sidelines yesterday.

The evidence to remove Chamblin has been overwhelming for quite some time; but I was in the camp to keep him until the end of the year.  However, he's now doing damage to what could be an integral part of this team's long term future and the people who make decisions above Chamblin can't sit back and allow the destruction to continue.  This team has no hope.  No direction and no future under Chamblin.  Do you think any decent free agent is going to sign here in the offseason?  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Weston Dressler demanded a trade by Wednesday.

My philosophy is that coaching is overrated in times of success and times of failure, but when you look at the points differential and how the Riders have lost their nine games; you could make a very good case that this is a 4-and-5 team and not an 0-and-9 one.  And, that's without number one quarterback Darian Durant.  When you look at where the Roughriders need to be better, just about everything falls at the feet of the coach.  The coach who has eliminated an entire support staff from his 2013 Grey Cup squad.  I think Chamblin, for as brash as he comes across, was always fearful of losing his job to someone under his watch who was smarter than he was so he, simply, had them removed and now he has a coaching staff that is plentiful in numbers but not in capabilities to assume a lead role in the event of his dismissal.  To this, I say, anyone is better than Chamblin.  Let Jacques Chapdelaine do it.  Heck, anyone.  Anyone who isn't, purposely, sabotaging this team.

In the offseason, conduct an exhaustive search for a replacement and get it right.  Give the new person a three year contract and if that person can't do the job, clean out the entire Roughrider head office.  If you can't hire a competent head coach with the resources this team has, then you have no business making decisions in professional football.

There are those that say because Chamblin has a Grey Cup, he deserves some benefit of the doubt.  I say he does not.  He had a powerhouse team in 2013 and was surrounded by an all-star staff of assistant coaches.  Yet, he still almost blew that.  There were stories of discontent and dressing room turmoil that didn't really hit mainstream media because a lot of the Regina folks were cuddly with their favorite team.  Last year, there was the infamous off field incidents with Taj Smith and Dwight Anderson, not to mention a team that was 8-and-2 but by all accounts, not playing that well.  Durant's exceptional ability was bailing them out late in games.  Once Durant went down, the world crumbled.
I think now that we have Chamblin's full body of work, and even in  year one they went through an extended losing streak; it's reasonable to draw the conclusion that he has never been a good head coach; but rather the product of having a tremendous support staff with a stand out quarterback.  No, he doesn't have either of those things and the proof is in the pudding.

So far today, the Roughriders have opted to not even comment on the status of Chamblin.  To me, this is a sign of complicity and incompetence.  But, I'll reserve any further opinion for now in the hopes that i'm wrong.  

To me, what I saw yesterday was similar to being a supervisor at Walmart and watching the employee dip into the til and steal some money several times and decide at the end of that worker's shift to do absolutely nothing about it.

I know it would be nice to have a plan in place for a replacement, but this is an emergency.  Chamblin should be shown the door.  Figure the rest out later.  It couldn't be any worse.

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