Monday, June 20, 2016


In light of the incident at the Yorkton Regional High School on Monday where, depending on who you talk to, a gun was brought to school by a student and police stormed the building (guns drawn) and, immediately, took a student into custody seizing a firearm in the process, I feel the need to write my own thoughts.

The time has come for us to take a major stand against the politically correct.  This is not a matter where we consider ‘feelings’ for the person who brought the gun to school nor should we take into account his mental state or any other side explanations that could be used in order to lessen a penalty.  Now, is the time to say enough is enough with jack off people jeopardizing the safety of those who do nothing wrong and don’t deserve this added stress.

I don’t care if this was a rifle, semi-automatic, BB Gun, Paint Ball Gun or Squirt Gun.  Doesn’t matter.  You do not, under any circumstances, bring a gun to school.  You just don’t.  There is no acceptable reason.  You can’t plead ignorance, you can’t plead anything but guilty.  Look around.  La Loche.  Sandy Hook.  Orlando.  Colorado.  The examples are everywhere.  The punishment needs be harsh enough that the next kid doesn’t decide that he, too, is going to bring a minor firearm to school.  Kids may be stupid, but they aren’t dumb.  Don’t think for a minute they don’t consider what the worst case scenario will be for sending a few hundred people into panic mode.  And, if the answer is barely more than, “Oh the police will come and take you away, but within a week you will be back at school,” then that isn’t enough.  To me, if you bring a weapon to school, you may as well use it because the punishment needs to be the same.  This will eliminate the jack offs from those who are completely off their rocker and are a big-time danger to society.  Actually, those people shouldn’t be in school to begin with but that’s a whole other topic.

The time has come for those of us who sit idly by and say nothing, while the precious minority get their way, to stand up and say we will no longer tolerate putting our loved ones (whether that be a student, teacher, janitor, trades worker, police officer, etc) in danger just because we need to be sensitive to some social issues being experienced by the person who brings a gun to school.  I don’t care about him.  I really don’t.  The rights of those who are in school to learn should trump those who aren’t.  If law abiding citizens in Yorkton all decided tomorrow that nobody goes to school until a satisfactory punishment is handed down to this person (who, by the way, has a video on his Facebook page promoting violence to police) I would be in full support.  People have gone to extremes to prove a point much more trivial than this one.

It’s up to you.  Pressure the people who are in positions to punish.  And, yes incarceration needs to be a punishment, not a rehab center.  Again, a different topic for a different day.

PS - Emergency workers get an A+ for their handling of the situation Monday afternoon.  Their hands are tied by a justice system that is geared to favor criminals.  They do what they can and it’s not their fault.  I blame people in suits who work 9-5 trying to come up with plausible, acceptable reasons why people can’t stay on the straight and narrow.  Sometimes you just have to accept people get mad at the world and are just bad.  And, when they get that way, their rights should no longer be equal to my kid’s rights who is sitting in school trying to become a productive member to society when grown up.


  1. Back in the early eighties when I was in High School at the Regional, a buddy of mine brought his Dad's truck to school. In the back of the truck was a one of those gun racks that were popular back in those days. The rack had a couple of rifles in it but back then it wasn't such a big deal for a farmer to have rifles in his truck at any given time. He did get called to office to take the guns home but no cops were called or any thing major happened to him. Times are so different now.

  2. Yes, there are, simply, too many of these incidents and they need to be taken seriously. Look how we treat security at airports now as opposed to 35 years ago.

  3. I feel the need to comment on this post as its been brought to my attention. First of all, the "jack off" yout mention in your article is someone I know. With this being said, I'm not condoning his actions of someone else bringing a BB gun to school for him to purchase, however, people's portral of his actions are far from the truth. Including the fact that he was charged (which he was not) and that the judge has deemed that his rights were comprised under the eyes of the law. His rights...the rights every Canadian citizen has, including you and every man, woman, and child.

    As a person who has also worked in the field of corrections and a social worker, your words regarding "not caring" are extremely disconcerning.

    It has been studied extensively that those who do make mistakes, and do go to jail will not be able to be rehabilitated if the individuals working with them do not care for them or believe they can change (including those that live in the communitis they live in themselves). This attitude of putting others down, or deeming them as nothing more than someone off their rocker is truely sad to me. One day someone you know will make a mistake...might not be like this one...however, when that day comes I hope people take the time to understand the situation before laying blame and in all honesty hate mongering towards those who have possible mental illness, childhood trauma, etc (I'm talking aboit society as a whole, not one particular individual). We live in a world full of hate and terror, and by throwing a kid under the bus for a stupid mistake is not bettering him, our community, or our world. By all means, if someone brings an actual gun or makes actual threats...than yes by all means they should be charged t the fullest extend. However kids are dumb, stupid, don't use their brains etc. Which I'm sure we've all had lapses of judgement over time.

    This post is not meant to be pointing fingers at anyone or making light of the situation, or to cause a huge debate. However, it is to remember that if we don't help others to become better we ourselves will never become better.

  4. No offence but your post is exactly what's wrong with our world. Were you at the school? Did you witness the trauma felt by teachers and students? child's right to sit in a classroom and learn outweighs another student's right when that other student CHOOSES to do something outside the realm of learning that causes disruption and fear.

    By the way, he was charged. 4 charges actually.

    And my understanding another child was injured falling on some stairs in the heat of the moment.

    I will not apologize for anything in my write-up.

    You make it sound like the kid didn't hand in his homework

    Try doing this in an airport.

    These people that do this stuff don't want help. But they sure get a kick out of manipulating sympathising figures like yourself.

    God bless you for trying.

    I hope you succeed getting some people on the right path.

    But it's time for the rest of us to stand up. We shouldn't have to live in fear of being killed at school. Have you seen the story of the 3 year old standing on the toilet? I'm sorry but that's wrong. And that innocent child's right means more to me than a guy who brings a replica gun to school and causes what went on here.