Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I told myself I wouldn't follow Russell Williams' court proceedings this week, but it's everywhere.  It's impossible to not pick up 'some' information.  I am deeply troubled as to what we are capable of doing to one another as human beings.  I am so disgusted by this man that I posted a status update on my Facebook page that reads like this:  

Russell Williams should be released into the custody of his victims' families and whatever happens from that point on is fine by me. Frankly, I think he should be beat within an inch of his life, nursed back to full health, beat again, and continue with the cycle. Sorry if this sounds harsh. One of the sickest men ever.

As of this blog posting, I have had 10 comments and 6 'Likes'.  I would interpret nine of the ten comments to be in favor of punishing this slimeball beyond any extent that Canadian Law currently allows.  The other comment does close by suggesting the death penalty for Williams.  So, I really don't even have one single comment that opposes my drastic sentence.

If any political party was serious about cracking down on crime, there would be stiffer punishments for just about everything.  Catch a Canadian drug dealer in an honest moment (good luck) and ask him if he'd consider dealing drugs in Singapore. 

It's one truly terrible thing to kill another person.  It goes into another stratosphere to torture and kill.  To me, anyone who engages in such activity should also be tortured as 'part' of the punishment.

Meanwhile, Williams is going to get $60 000 a year as pension for serving in the military.  There has to be a way to funnel that money to the victims' families or simply not pay it all.  Don't sing to me about Williams' rights.  To me, he's forfeited his rights.  What a strange country we live in.  How come, in this case, we just can't change the rules as we go along?  Who's going to complain, other than Williams?  You just get sit idly by helplessly and say, "Oh well.  Rules are rules.  So he gets his pension."  That doesn't sit well with me.  Williams broke every moral rule in the book in committing his crimes.  We, as Canadians, can break one in return and hold back his pension.

And, while I have sympathy for his Williams' wife, I hope the assets signed over to her in the hopes they won't be considered in a civil suit against him are ruled to be fair game.  What marital split do you know where the man gives up just about everything to his ex without a fight?  And, if assets are considered to be 50-50 in a normal divorce, then the full 50% should be available for any civil litigation.  Williams' wife shouldn't even put up a fight against that.

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