Friday, October 15, 2010


--It's too bad that the Chilean miner who was cheating on his wife has been the biggest story of all 33 that were rescued this week.  I suppose I should put in my two cents.  According to what I've seen and read, most people that cheat usually still love their spouse more than the other person.  I'm sure that guy had a lot of time to reflect on his life while trapped underground and I am guessing he was pretty eager to return to his WIFE.  When she ended up not being there, I can't help but think this guy must have been really hurt.  Some mistakes are bigger than others, I guess.

--Graham James is a sicko.  He's also nuts if he decides to leave Mexico to come home to Canada and face these latest sex charges.  Why give up freedom for jail?  I hope he comes back, don't get me wrong.  Although a much better fate would be for him to get into similar trouble in Mexico where penalties are much harsher than they are in our bleeding heart type society.

--It pays to sue for just about anything.  In Florida, a man has been awarded $650 000 after he was injured while receiving a lap dance at a strip club.  Apparently the woman's heel (she can't be much of a dancer) poked him in the eye, puncturing his eye socket and breaking bones around his eye and nose!

--There is a great article this week in MacLean's magazine about the state of some of Canada's big cities when it comes to civic elections.  Apparently, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, and Mississauga all have some pretty funny characters.  In Ottawa, the incumbent has admitted to doing a terrible job, but says you should vote for him again because now he knows better.  In Toronto, one of the front runners has a history of being tossed from sporting events.  In Mississauga, the current mayor is 90 years old and she's seeking her twelvth term.  Check it out if you get a chance.

--There will be a story coming out on Friday about the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes hitting a snag and that means the team is another step closer to returning to Winnipeg.  Don't buy into this.  The NHL has zero interest in returning to Winnipeg and it will only happen as a last resort.

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