Friday, October 22, 2010


I wonder if the New York Yankees are this generous with charities?

Kei Igawa got $4 million this year to NOT be around, and he'll get another $4 million next year.

Randy Winn got $1.1 million to disappear at midseason.

In addition to giving Alex Rodriguez $27.5 million a year until 2017; the Yanks have also given him the following (after all, he probably will have a tough time affording these perks):  Four Legends Suits each year, and a bonus of $6 million for each home run milestone he hits (660, 714, 755).

Mark Teixeira gets 8 season tickets a season.  I was looking forward to seeing him use one of those on himself for the rest of the playoffs, but alas....

AJ Burnett gets to block deals to 10 clubs if the Yanks decide they want to trade him.  Those ten MLB teams are extremely lucky if they see themselves on this list.

Javier Vazquez cannot be traded to any team in the AL West or NL West.

The Yanks gave the Cleveland Indians $500 000 just because Kerry Wood didn't get injured after he was acquired.

One of the absolute dumbest signings ever, Nick Johnson, was paid $5.75 million to spend the season on the disabled list.  Nick Johnson is a type of player the Pirates should be signing.  High risk, minimal reward.  Not the Yankees. 

Pitcher Andrew Brackman is in the middle of a 4-year $4.55 million dollar contract.  Never heard of him you say?  Cmon.  He pitched High A level ball this year.

Chad Gaudin spent 45-days as a Yankee this year and they paid him $737 500 before determining he couldn't break Spring Training.

Slade Heathcott was paid $2.2 million as their first round draft choice in 2010.  There are red flags everywhere about his character.  The jury is out.

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