Saturday, October 2, 2010


--The SJHL Game Of The Week was at the Northern Lights Palace in Melfort last night.  The game didn't start until 8pm due to local figure skating tests that were being conducted.

--Brody Hoffman has had the best game of any SJHL netminder that I've seen this year.  He stopped a 4-on-0 in the second period and was the difference in a 3-2 shootout victory.  I would expect to see him play upwards of 45 games this year.

--The word is out on how good Matthew Spafford really is.  At least with Melfort.  They were extremely physical with him last night.  Once Spafford finds a way to battle through that, he's going to be unstoppable.

--The Hawks are in good hands with Doug Johnson has their new coach.  I've been very impressed with him both personally and professionally so far.  The key is going to be stability.  Sounds like he's going to have to deal Jeff Lorenz fairly soon, however.  Too bad because Lorenz was a guy that I figured would be a big factor for them.  For family reasons, he's going closer to home in Alberta.

--Brody Haygarth has an extra jump to his step this year.  If he can stay healthy, I am predicting a 65-70 point season.  Regan Nabseth's breakout is for real.  Ditto on Owen Roschuk.  In fact, Darrell Mann is calling Roschuk the best captain he's had in Melfort.  I would love to see Adam Wihak and Darren Gillen play a bit more.  Wihak, in my opinion, was the best Mustang on the ice last night.

--Here's why you have to let the future considerations play out before you evaluate a trade:  Melfort received 'futures', Haygarth, and Gillen from Flin Flon for Deven Stillar.  I like Stillar, but what team wouldn't move Stillar for those three entities?  Likewise, the Yorkton Terriers have had to ante up Clark Byczynski, Drew McDermott, and 'futures' for two and a half months of Troy Smukowich.  That's one of those trades that's harder to judge because Yorkton came within two wins of a league championship with that deal.  But, are they ever paying the piper after the fact.

Next SJHL Game Of The Week is Friday, October 8 in Weyburn as the Red Wings host Estevan.  Having Jay Boyd provide color for me has been great.  I'm really enjoying my new role with the league, as I wouldn't be able to offer these editorial comments otherwise.   People have to understand when issuing information on the SJHL website, you have to keep it pretty vanilla in the interest of fairness.  Don't expect to see me get real critical on here though either.  Remember, these are still boys aged 17-20 who have real feelings and a mom and dad who are extremely proud.  If one of them screws up or has a bad game, I can assure you that nobody will feel worse than the player himself.  He doesn't need me calling him out on a public forum.

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  1. I know everyone will say thats hockey. But the trade Terreis caused Drew to quit hockey and that is a sad state of afffairs. The Terriers are doing good and if they continue to do good, this trade will be forgotten and another kid will fall by the away side. According to Trent Cassan's comment on Steiner's Stall's seems to say that the Terriers are playing will so in his view it was a good trade.