Sunday, October 31, 2010


Saskatchewan Roughriders gave up another special teams touchdown to the opposition in the first half of today's game against the BC Lions.  It's to the point where I really hope the Riders lose every single game left in their season so that we can be certain of major changes to the coaching staff next year.  The worst thing that could happen at this point is for a big playoff win after being inept for the last month.  It would disguise the much bigger issue.

Jay Boyd made an excellent point the other day when we were driving to Weyburn.  He says that men reach a certain age in the twilight of their lives and, mentally, they are not as sharp as they used to be.  It stands to reason that this is exactly what has happened with the Rider coaching staff.  They are good guys, nice people, and probably extremely knowledgeable about football.   But, they aren't as sharp as they used to be and it's showing in games.

Second half, the Rider quarterback turned the ball over too much, the offensive line doesn't protect him, Ryan Grice-Mullen fumbles on a return (Riders get the ball back), there are too few players on the field for a fourth quarter BC touchdown and you get the picture.  This team is a virtual mess.  Bad coaching, bad playing, and very little care or concern from the players from what I can see through my television set.  However, I'll be one of the dummies that tough out the weather to watch another pathetic display next week against Edmonton.

What is truly sad about this is that the Riders had the makings of a Grey Cup winner, in my opinion.  In the second half of the season, they don't even look like a playoff team.

I'm hopeful that since Eric Tillman passed up on Richie Hall as a head coach for the Roughriders, that he will also fire Hall now that the two are in Edmonton and he can return to Saskatchewan where he belongs.


It is happening with more regularity now.  Snotty, punk kids showing up trick or treating at your door without even making a minor effort to put on a costume.  The first group I handed out candy to today was a group of six who were borderline too old and definitely not wearing costumes (hoodies don't count).  Some say not to give candy to these kids, but it's not worth the potential hassle of cleaning egg off your house the next day.

We went with the kids to a co-worker's home of mine.  His next door neighbour had a sign posted that read, 'Sorry, No Candy'.  Interesting to note you could see the family getting ready inside to go out with their own youngster trick or treating.  Hey, I'm all for taking your kids out and if you are not home to hand out candy, then so be it.  But, if you believe in celebrating the day at all, you have to have some treats for when you are home and kids come to your door.

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  1. Again the men showed a lack of character